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It is everyone’s worst nightmare; you have sought medical intervention. Perhaps you need a fairly common surgery or maybe you are bringing a new life into the world; you trust the medical professionals who are caring for you. All it takes is one moment and a careless physician, inattentive nurse, or overworked technician can alter your life, perhaps forever. This is not the time to go it alone or trust that insurance companies are looking out for your best interests. This is the time when you need the support and protection of a team of experienced professionals; this is the time that you need the Berkeley medical malpractice attorneys at Mary Alexander & Associates.

Here at the Berkeley-based law firm of Mary Alexander & Associates, we are in the business of righting wrongs and attaining compensation for victims of medical malpractice; something that we have successfully done for the past 30 years. Our highly trained staff of professionals knows how to navigate the frustrating world of medical malpractice and we know how to get the results that you, the helpless victim deserve.We provide assistance from skilled representatives with medical backgrounds that understand how things should be done.

We understand the fact that the medical world is an intimidating place. It is easy to feel alone and outmatched when taking on huge medical corporations and insurance companies. That is why we are here for you. Our courtroom success record and tradition of excellence are sources of pride here at Mary Alexander and Associates. Preparing thoroughly for trial is the trademark of our firm, and we build innovative courtroom exhibits and technology to help juries understand even the most complex legal matters. Our innovations, creativity, and preparation have allowed us to achieve an outstanding record of success. We are justifiably proud of the verdicts and settlements we have obtained for our deserving clients.

Winning our cases is an important part of our work here, but we believe winning the trust and the respect of our clients is every bit as important as our work in the courtroom. We understand that the people who come to us are suffering and we know that the suffering is not their fault. No one asks to be the victim of medical malpractice; we understand that our clients look to us as advisors and as advocates during a painful and bewildering point in their lives. We take pride in knowing that we are going the extra mile every day to be sure that our clients and their needs are front and center and that we are available when they need us.

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Often, we hear about people who have suffered needlessly and are having their suffering compounded by attempting to get the compensation they deserve on their own. The reason given is usually something similar to the phrase “I can’t afford a lawyer.” All attorneys at Mary Alexander & Associates take their clients on a contingency basis. So if for some reason you do not receive compensation, we will charge no fees. Navigating the world of medical malpractice is difficult at best, but you do not have to struggle alone. If you or someone you know is the victim of medical malpractice, call our Berkeley medical malpractice attorneys at 415-433-4440. We are on your side and by your side through the whole process; getting you the compensation that you deserve.

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