San Francisco Airplane Accident Lawyer

Aviation accidents are unique — both in the horrific damage they cause and the complex legal claims that result. There is nothing simple about them. A crash can have multiple causes — pilot, maintenance, or controller error; weather problems; manufacturing defects. Defendants can be numerous — airlines, manufacturers, contractors, service providers. Cases can be full of challenges — caps on damages, limits on recoveries, multiple state and federal laws to understand, international treaties to unravel. For more information call one of our Oakland, San Jose, San Mateo or San Francisco plane accident lawyers or email us online. Our skilled attorneys could work to help you.

How a Legal Professional Might Help

Little surprise, then, that putting on an aviation case requires huge resources and effort. It also requires an enormous amount of skill. Plane crash lawyers need to understand the technical details so they can find and work with the right aviation experts. They need to understand the complex process of aviation accident investigation, where agencies like the National Transportation Safety Board examine the events around an accident and issue technical reports. They need to know when an accident could have been prevented — and how to explain complicated theories and mechanisms to juries.

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At Mary Alexander & Associates, we’re able to leverage a quarter century of legal experience and technical knowledge to take on, and win, the most complex aviation cases. It’s easy to understand why other law firms shy away from this type of work. But it’s even easier to see why we embrace it. After all, litigating technically complicated, emotionally charged, high-stakes cases is how we’ve made our name — and made a future for our clients; call us or contact us online to speak to an Oakland, San Jose, San Mateo or San Francisco lawyer today.