Brain Injuries AttorneysAll injuries are unpleasant, but brain injuries are injuries that can affect everyone in the family and friend circle right down to the core. The victim often needs to continue extensive medical treatment following a brain injury. Some victims have to stay on life support just to be able to breathe. The period following a brain injury can be a period that is hard on everyone. If you have a friend or loved one who suffers from a brain injury, you may be able to help that person collect compensation with the assistance of our seasoned San Leandro brain injury law firm. You shouldn’t have to bear the burden alone and without adequate financing.

The Concept of Personal Injury

A personal injury is something devastating that happens to another human being because of the neglect and ignorance of another party. Whether that party was willfully neglectful usually has no bearing on the case. If the courts find that an injury occurred because of the actions or lack of action by the accused part, then it will rule in favor of a personal injury. Personal injury offenders often have to pay damages to the victims. These may be compensatory damages or compensatory and punitive damages. Punitive damages are payments that due because the conduct or inaction of the defendant was particularly egregious or outrageous. Compensatory damages pay for all of your expense that have to do with recovery and rehabilitation. They can cover lost work wages, too.

How Our San Leandro Brain Injury Law Firm Can Assist

Our San Leandro brain injury law firm can play several roles in the restoration of your lives. They can act as shoulders of comfort. We do truly care and sympathize with your situation. If you hire our lawyers, then we can play the role of your task conductor. We will be the ones who communicate with the other side’s lawyer and try to negotiate. Some parties settle out of court because they know they are wrong. An out-of-court settlement is fast and can help your family to get back on its feet.

If the other party refuses to settle out of court, then your attorney can act as your warrior in the courtroom. You’ll need an experienced and successful firm that is not afraid to fight hard for the funds that you deserve.

Types of Brain Injuries That Personal Injury Covers

Our personal injury lawyers can cover a wide variety of brain injuries. Some of the most common injuries that they see and defend are infant forceps-induced brain injuries and injuries from automobile, motorcycle and pedestrian crashes. They are willing to help with many incidents, however. The case is valid as long as the element of neglect is present.

How to Get Help Immediately

The San Leandro brain injury law firm of Mary Alexander & Associates is ready to help you with your California personal injury. To get the process started, you will need to call the dedicated number or complete a short form that expresses your needs. The number to call is 415-433-4440. Someone will schedule you for a consultation, and the lawyer will let you know how viable your case is once you have that initial visit.

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