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“Premises Liability” is a term that refers to laws that hold liable property occupiers and owners for injuries and accidents that occur on the property. This includes inside the buildings and any surrounding area within the property limits. Claims range from slip-and-fall accidents at a residence or business to injuries suffered by a a guest on a theme park attraction. No matter the type of injury you may have sustained, if it occurred on someone else’s property, the Santa Rosa premises liability law firm of Mary Alexander and Associates can help. We are committed to reaching the best settlement possible and getting you the best compensation for your injury.

Liability assigned to a property owner or occupier (this includes renters, lessees, and others) varies depending on the laws of the state in which the injury occurs. Our Santa Rosa premises liability law firm understands California law and how the law applies to owners and occupiers. We can provide you with accurate legal advice on any case of premises liability.

If you work, live, or have any business (personal or professional) being on the property and are there at the owner’s consent, you are almost always protected against danger and negligence that results in injury. If you become injured on someone’s property and you had the legal right to be on the premises at the time the accident occurred, you need a trusted Santa Rosa premises liability attorney to help you win a settlement that is commensurate with your injury.

Unauthorized Entry

Any person who enters a property uninvited or has less clear legal right to be present there might not enjoy all the same rights as would someone who does. However, California law still mandates that property owners give ample warning of the possible dangers or risks of injury that exist within the premises. Regardless of why you might have been on the property, Santa Rosa premises liability law firm of Mary Alexander and Associates is here to advise you on your rights and work to obtain the best possible settlement the law will allow.

Uniform Standards

A property must maintain uniform standards of maintenance and should be kept in continuously safe condition for everyone who legally enters. The property should also be free of any obvious hazards. Property owners are under obligation to exercise reasonable care to maintain a safe environment for all who come and go. We will hold any owner who fails to warn or alert of hazards accountable, especially if it can be determined that the owner knew that hazardous conditions existed at the time of the injury. Owners can, however, be found liable for personal injury even if the hazard was unknown when the accident occurred.

Uniform standards vary by property and are determined by a number of legal factors. These include, but are not limited to:

  • The understood use of the premises
  • The circumstances under which someone was injured
  • The foreseeability of risk
  • Issuance of clear and fair warning
  • The property’s state of repair at the time of injury

If you believe that any of the above standards have been breached in your case, call the Santa Rosa premises liability law firm of Mary Alexander & Associates at 415-433-4440. We will talk to you for free and give you an honest assessment of your case. We can advise you of your rights and also help you recover damages, should you be determined to be entitled to them. If you have been injured on someone else’s property, the time to act is now. Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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