South San Francisco Birth Injury Law Firm

The overwhelming stress that birth injuries place on families of all backgrounds is immense. Ensuring the continued welfare and health of a newborn, toddler, and growing child is difficult under normal circumstances. When trauma and physical harm enters the picture, raising a child becomes something that parents and siblings never thought they would face.

Some birth injuries seem completely random, or at best, the fault of nature. Other injuries, however, are discovered to be the provable result of medical malpractice, or a failed hospital and care system. In these cases, which are more common than most people realize, it is essential to enlist the help of lawyers who are experienced and successful in the realm of birth injury compensation. The South San Francisco birth injury law firm of Mary Alexander & Associates has decades of experience handling cases where human rights are in focus. This includes the sensitive areas of prenatal and postpartum malpractice.

Birth injuries can happen at all stages of pregnancy, including vital moments after delivery. It doesn’t matter what the cause of illness and injury in a newborn is determined to be. The important thing is that parents find expert legal counsel in order to receive justice and compensation.

Doctor and Nurse Negligence

It is rare that doctors, nurses, and their staff members deliberately cause harm. It is nearly unimaginable that a child’s birth injury could be deliberate. Professional negligence, however, does happen. It is the job of our South San Francisco birth injury law firm to uncover any reason, even an unintended action, behind a medical professional not performing their best to ensure the health and safe delivery of a child.

Machine Failure

Vital monitoring machines used during pregnancy, home devices, postpartum support machinery, and antiquated machines still in use are all proven to have caused birth injuries in the past. Whether it’s due to budget cuts, poor maintenance, poor operation, or the inexplicable, outdated machines can do great harm. Lawyers who discover that a machine is the source of a birth have a big job securing records, proving that a machine is the cause in court, and even fighting the machine’s manufacturer.

Hospital System Failure

Not all hospitals are equal in their management. Going into labor, geographic locations, and special baby health concerns limit the choices parents have when it comes to facility choice. If it is determined that the overall operations and policies of a facility directly lead to an avoidable birth injury, justice is absolutely necessary. In order to fight a large hospital facility, legal counsel is essential.

Ill-Prescribed Medication

The world of pharmaceuticals presents an incredible challenge for mothers and babies. Special concerns require special medications, but much can go wrong during the course of a pregnancy. Whether it’s an inappropriate prescription, or a medication that has a poor track record, birth injuries resulting from exposure to certain pharmaceuticals can hinder family life. Expert legal help can compensate families for their bad experiences with prescribed medication.

Mary Alexander & Associates have amassed an incredible portfolio of successful verdicts and settlements. The compensation they have won for deserving families and individuals totals in the billions of dollars. Honesty, ethics, and the utilization of cutting-edge trial technology are the driving forces behind their success.

What is the Most Important Reason For Birth Injury Legal Representation?

A large number of birth injuries are determined within weeks after delivery. These are generally physical. Many birth injuries are not diagnosed until years after a child has taken steps to experience normal growth and development.

Certain birth injuries can result in major psychological and emotional conditions arising as a child develops. These difficulties present a distinct set of challenges for parents. Determining and proving that birth injury is contributing to the compromised welfare of a developing child is a hard task that only experienced lawyers can handle. The South San Francisco birth injury law firm of Mary Alexander & Associates may be able to secure a settlement that provides financial support to parents who are faced with the difficult task of raising a child who has experienced birth trauma.

Mary Alexander & Associates is a South San Francisco birth injury law firm staffed with ethical professionals who understand the needs of families and children who have special concerns. The decision to seek compensation for birth trauma and injury is not merely a question of financial concerns. It is a decision to seek legal and financial support for special children who deserve compensation for their conditions. Mary Alexander & Associates is the perfect team for securing a safety net for families when birth injuries affect a child’s future.

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