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With devastating injuries such as quadriplegia, it is critical that the injured person receives full and fair compensation. People with quadriplegia need lifelong treatment from specialists as well as daily help from family or nurses. The medical costs and cost of modifications to their homes and vehicles will also be considerable.

At Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C., we consult with medical experts, life-care planners and economists to calculate the past and future expenses facing the injury victim and the family. Our Oakland, San Jose, San Mateo & San Francisco attorneys work hard to ensure you collect the compensation you need after a quadriplegia injury. Please call (415) 433-4440 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation with our Oakland, San Jose, San Mateo or San Francisco quadriplegia injury lawyers.

The Symptoms and Complications Are Severe

The location of the spinal cord injury, as well as how badly the spinal nerves are damaged, dictates the severity of the resulting condition. Generally, the higher on the spine the injury occurs, the greater the effects of the injury. An injury to the upper cervical spine (vertebrae C1-C4) may cause quadriplegia and complete loss of sensation below the injury location. People who are injured in the lower thoracic, lumbar or sacral regions may suffer paraplegia.

Quadriplegia may mean little or no sensation or function below the neck. This condition can lead to serious or fatal complications involving other body systems and organs, such as:

  • Respiratory impairment
  • Pneumonia
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Deep vein thrombosis/blood clots
  • Bladder or bowel dysfunction
  • Kidney stones
  • Osteoporosis
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Pressure sores and infections
  • Organ failure

An infection, illness or organ failure can lead to wrongful death of the quadriplegia patient. Our law firm can help families pursue wrongful death suits in these cases.

Quadriplegia Injury in the San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose or San Mateo?

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