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Accidentes de peatones son más comunes en las zonas escolares?

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If you have children and you drop them off at their school every morning, then you are probably familiar with the bright yellow “School Zone” signs near their school building. These signs are meant to control the speed limit near schools to prevent any pedestrian accidents while students are walking to and from their buses. Recent incidents in the Bay Area, however, have parents questioning if these safety precautions are actually working.

Do School Zones Succeed in Preventing Pedestrian Accidents?

Three students were injured when they were struck by vehicles at Antioch High School on Monday, September 17. According to Antioch police, one of the accidents was a hit-and-run, and the other driver willingly stopped and spoke with law enforcement. The students suffered minor injuries and were taken to the local hospital to be treated.

While police spoke to the driver in question, they concluded that neither drugs or alcohol played a role in at least one of the accidents. So why were the student pedestrians hit? Police are speculating that the cause could be distracted driving. Distractions could have been due to a number of external factors, such as the glaring morning sun or using a cell phone. Studies have shown that 70 percent of drivers openly admit to driving while distracted by a phone call, text message or electronic device.

Over 25,000 children sustain injuries each year in school zone car accidents, and about 100 child pedestrians are killed every year. If your child has been injured in a school zone due to someone else’s distracted driving, you should contact a motor vehicle accident attorney at Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C. for legal representation and more information.

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