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What medical incidents and errors qualify as medical malpractice? Our Bay Area injury attorneys can help you figure that out. Check out these stories.

How Complicated Can This Fresno Medical Malpractice Case Become?

While lying on the operating table, a man who was 70 years old at the time started to bleed. Doctors spent hours trying to stop the bleeding, but the condition starved the patient’s brain of oxygen and he slipped into a permanent coma. Now, the man’s family has filed a medical malpractice case against the … Read More

Are Surgery Centers Causing Preventable Patient Deaths?

Has a doctor ever recommended that you go to a surgery center to handle a simple surgery? These centers often seem like the way to go, providing convenient service and cost savings, but are these centers the best place for you to get medical care? Recent reports are leveling serious claims against these surgery centers, … Read More

Did a Hospital Tried to Harvest Organs of a Patient Who Was Still Alive?

Healthcare can be complicated. For this reason, some medical mistakes are excusable. Most of us with no medical training are nonetheless able to understand that things can go wrong and mistakes can be made even when doctors and nurses are working as diligently as possible. Conversely, there are medical malpractice cases displaying so much negligence … Read More

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