Skillful Representation In California Brain And Spinal Cord Injury Claims

Few injuries are as devastating as those involving the brain and spinal cord. Brain injuries can lead to memory loss, seizures, loss of mobility or coordination, personality changes, and cognitive difficulties. Spinal cord injuries can result in all types of health issues, including loss of grip strength, numbness in the extremities and, in the most severe cases, partial or complete paralysis.

When these injuries happen in accidents that occur because of another party’s negligence, victims have the right to be fully compensated for any losses they suffer as a result. There can be a number of long-term complications that could require attention in these cases, and the assistance of an experienced attorney can be invaluable. At Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C., we represent victims in all types of brain and spinal cord injury claims.

Seeking Full Compensation For Bay Area Brain Injury Victims

We got our start winning a significant verdict for a quadriplegic who had been injured after faulty bicycle brakes caused a crash in Yosemite Park. Since then, we have developed a reputation and an impressive track record for helping serious injury victims get a new start. We can help you get one, too.

When the brain is damaged by sudden impact or physical force to the head — when striking, for example, the pavement or windshield during a car accident — the consequences can be dire. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can result in permanent physical, mental and emotional disability. Symptoms, whether cognitive or emotional, can be immediate or take days or weeks to develop, and the damage can be massive even if there is no visible trauma to the skull.

Experienced Advocates In San Francisco Spinal Cord Injury Cases

Trauma to the nerves carrying sensory and motor signals to and from the brain deprives the victim of sensation and mobility. While the level of injury can vary depending on where and how severely the spinal cord was damaged, the result is almost always life-changing — especially when considering conditions such as paralysis, including both paraplegia and quadriplegia. If you have suffered a serious spinal cord injury, our lawyers will fight to obtain compensation for all of your current and future needs.

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When a traumatic brain injury is the result of someone’s negligence, victims can fight back, demanding the redress and the answers they deserve. Call 415-433-4440 or email us to speak to an injury attorney in San Francisco today.

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