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San Francisco Defective Products Lawyer

Most people have experienced issues with at least one product that they have purchased in San Francisco. Perhaps your coffee machine stopped working, or maybe your car broke down. While this can be extremely annoying, things can get much, much worse when dealing with defective products. When some products malfunction, they cause much more than frustration and inconvenience. In some cases, these products can cause serious injury to the people who use them.

Obviously, this is completely unacceptable. As consumers in San Francisco, we put our trust in the companies that manufacture and design the products we use on a daily basis. When these companies act in a negligent manner, people get hurt. So, how do we make sure that it does not happen again?

The answer is simple. People who have been injured by defective products have the freedom to file a product liability lawsuit against the negligent party. This allows them to recover compensation for things like medical expenses, missed wages, and any other damages they might have incurred due to the defective product. Not only that, but filing a lawsuit holds these companies accountable in a court of law. A public trial has the potential to damage the company’s reputation, and it lets the public know that these business practices are unsafe and negligent. This helps discourage the company from further acts of negligence, and it makes the marketplace safer for everyone.

With all that said, filing a product liability lawsuit is not always easy. In order to have the best chance at a favorable legal outcome, you will need help from a qualified, experienced personal injury attorney in San Francisco. Our seasoned professionals can stand up to even the biggest corporations, and we can help you get the compensation you deserve for your damages. When you speak with our attorneys, you can explain your situation during your consultation. We will then craft an effective action plan based on the unique circumstances of your injuries.

If you are serious about filing a product liability lawsuit, it is always best to get help from a lawyer who has experience. Fortunately, there is always help available for those who need it. If you have been searching the San Francisco area for a law firm that specializes in product liability, consider Mary Alexander & Associates. Thanks to a wealth of experience in this area, our product liability attorneys can help you move forward to achieve the compensation you deserve.

Types of Product Liability Lawsuits

There are many ways in which a person can be harmed by a defective product, so it makes sense that there are many different types of product liability lawsuits. If you have been harmed by a defective product, it makes sense to choose the right type of lawsuit.

The first type of product liability lawsuit revolves around some kind of defect in the design of the product. This means that there was nothing negligent or wrong about the manufacturing process itself. Instead, the dangerous flaw originates in the design process itself, when engineers and other experts were planning how the product would look and operate.

The next type of product liability lawsuit revolves around the manufacturing process. In this situation, the design itself was fine, but something went wrong with the manufacturing process that caused some kind of dangerous defect in the final product. For example, a manufacturer might have used a process that exposed the products to toxic materials.

Another kind of product liability lawsuit is known as “failure to warn” or “breach of warranty.” In this situation, the company is negligent because of the statements they made (or did not make) about the product. These statements may have been misleading or inaccurate, causing injuries. The lack of certain safety warnings may also cause injuries.

Can I File a Product Liability Lawsuit for an Online Product?

Many people in San Francisco buy their products online these days. Some even shop almost exclusively online. So, what happens if you purchase a product online that causes you harm? If you purchased the product directly from the company that manufactured and designed the product, then you can file a product liability lawsuit just as you would with any other company.

However, things get a little more complicated when you purchase products through platforms such as Amazon or Etsy. These platforms enjoy a certain amount of protection from legal action. This is because these companies successfully argue that they are merely third-party vendors; that they are like “shopping malls” rather than stores. Since they are not involved in the design or manufacture of the products themselves, they often escape liability.

However, this is changing quickly. Tech giants like Amazon are beginning to be held accountable for the products they promote, sell, and deliver on their platforms. For the first time, plaintiffs are beginning to win favorable decisions against Amazon for injuries they have sustained from products sold on its platform. Most of these lawsuits involve exploding lithium-ion batteries, but this could be expanded to include virtually all defective products as the body of case law grows. 

The Defenses Against Product Liability

There are many defenses that a company might use when facing a product liability lawsuit. One of the most common defenses is something called a “state of the art” defense. This strategy can be effective when the product in question is highly advanced and modern at the time of its release. Defense attorneys argue that since the technology was so new at the time, the company had no way of knowing how dangerous it could be. Because of this, the company could not reasonably be expected to foresee some of the dangers and prepare for these hazards.

There are many other types of defenses. You can bet that a corporate defense attorney will attack every piece of evidence that you bring forth, and they will work hard to convince the judge and jury that their client was not to blame. Another common tactic is to use the statute of limitations, which states that you can only file a lawsuit within a certain amount of time. This is why it is so important to get in touch with a qualified attorney as soon as possible if you have been injured by a dangerous product. 

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you’ve been injured by a defective product, there is no reason to sit back and accept your injuries without putting up a legal fight. These negligent companies need to be held accountable, whether they have designed, manufactured, or marketed the product that caused you harm. The ability to take legal action is one of the few tools we have against these mega-corporations, and we need to take advantage of it. Through the legal system, we can ensure that America is safe for all future consumers.

Fortunately, there are plenty of effective legal resources available to you. That said, it is important to choose your attorney carefully when pursuing this matter. Ideally, you should be working with a law firm that specializes in product liability law, such as Mary Alexander & Associates. Reach out today, and we can begin the process of pursuing justice as soon as possible. The sooner you team up with a skilled attorney, the better chance you will have of receiving the settlement you deserve. Book your consultation now, and we can develop an effective action plan together.

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