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San Francisco Child Injury Lawyer

Injuries to children can have a much more serious impact than a similar injury to an adult. This is especially true in cases involving broken bones while the child is still growing. Depending on the circumstances, children can suffer significant health issues that could impair them for the rest of their lives. When these injuries happen as a result of another party’s negligence, victims have the right to seek full and fair compensation for their suffering with the help of an attorney.

Insurance companies are motivated to settle these cases as quickly and cheaply as possible. They have no regard for the children’s long-term health or comfort, and they would honestly rather not pay anything at all if it were possible. If your child is suffering due to an accident that was caused by someone else, it is important that you seek the advice of a San Francisco child injury lawyer immediately.

Common Injury Claims Involving Children

At Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C., our child injury attorneys provide aggressive representation in a wide array of child injury cases, including:

  • Playground accidents, including injuries involving defective playground equipment
  • Injuries at school
  • Injuries at day care
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accident injuries
  • Pool injuries
  • Child abuse
  • Child neglect

Sexual And Emotional Abuse Of Children

Many of the cases we see involve the sexual and emotional abuse of children by people they see as being in positions of authority. Teachers, coaches, scout leaders, clergy members and others can target children and persuade them in extremely hurtful and damaging ways. We hold these individuals and the organizations that employ them accountable for the harm suffered by children and seek maximum compensation for each of them.

Contact Us For A Free Case Evaluation With A Child Injury Lawyer

We strongly encourage you to take action as soon as possible, as it is important to gather testimony and evidence while it is still fresh in witnesses’ minds. We offer free case evaluations. Contact us online or call us to learn how our San Francisco law firm can help you secure the justice your child deserves.

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