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Why Work with a Rideshare Accident Attorney in San Francisco?

According to the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, rideshare vehicles complete about 170,000 trips per day within San Francisco alone. This number is 12 times higher than that of taxis, and it represents 15% of all total traffic across San Francisco County. With so many trips per day, crashes are inevitable. If you have experienced a rideshare accident in San Francisco, you are obviously well aware of this fact. How can you pursue compensation for your injuries, and how can a rideshare accident attorney in San Francisco help?

 What Can a Rideshare Accident Attorney in San Francisco Do for Me?

Rideshare Accident Attorney in San FranciscoNamed after Saint Francis, San Francisco is the busiest city in Northern California. It is famous for its bustling tech industry, its rolling hills, and the Golden Gate Bridge. Seeing as the city is home to numerous tech companies, the prevalence of rideshare vehicles should perhaps come as no surprise. Two of the world’s biggest rideshare apps – Lyft and Uber – are both headquartered in San Francisco.  The City has also garnered a reputation as a “testing ground” for new rideshare technology, such as GM’s driverless “Cruise” rideshare venture.

Rideshare accident attorneys in San Francisco are extremely familiar with the ins and outs of lawsuits that involve these vehicles. Law firms such as Mary Alexander & Associates have offices in San Francisco, giving them a thorough understanding of how various California laws apply to rideshare accidents. These lawyers can guide plaintiffs toward compensation after rideshare accidents with a number of effective strategies.

Specifically, rideshare accident attorneys provide clients with a number of services:

  • Consultations: Your working relationship with a rideshare accident attorney begins with a consultation. This is an initial meeting where you will have an opportunity to explain your situation, ask questions, and voice concerns. Your attorney will then provide a general rundown of how your lawsuit might progress, and they may provide additional guidance or recommendations. Perhaps most crucially, they will likely let you know whether your lawsuit is worth pursuing.
  • Guidance: If you move ahead with your rideshare accident claim, your attorney will continue to offer guidance in a number of different ways. They might warn you not to make certain statements in public. They may also instruct you to gather certain documents or evidence. This advice can help you pursue positive results.
  • Negotiations: Many rideshare plaintiffs have the opportunity to negotiate for settlements. Lawyers can assist by representing you during these negotiations. Often, defendants and their insurers offer “low-ball” settlements, and lawyers can help you push for a fair level of compensation that reflects the true extent of your injuries.
  • Representation: If negotiations fail, you may need to move forward with a trial. Although this rarely occurs, it is possible – and your lawyer will likely represent you during this litigation. While representing you in court, a lawyer may present evidence, cross-examine the defendant’s witnesses, provide closing arguments, and much more.

 When Can I Sue a Rideshare Company in San Francisco?

Generally speaking, you can sue someone if their negligence led directly to your accident. If your rideshare driver crashed, this can certainly constitute negligence – especially if the accident involved intoxication, distraction, or traffic violations. It is even possible to sue a rideshare driver for parking too far away from the curb, and this was made clear by a recent lawsuit in New York.

That being said, it is difficult to determine who will be named as a defendant in your lawsuits without a full understanding of the circumstances. Uber and Lyft offer varying types of insurance coverage to their drivers depending on whether they are carrying passengers, whether they are driving to pick up a passenger, or whether they are “off the clock.”

Generally speaking, this insurance coverage has the potential to provide compensation for those injured in rideshare accidents. However, it may be necessary to establish that your Uber driver was “on the clock” at the time of a crash in order to benefit from the tech company’s insurance coverage. By comparison, coverage held by individual drivers may be somewhat lacking.

 Where Can I Find a Rideshare Accident Lawyer in San Francisco?

 If you have been searching for a qualified, experienced rideshare accident attorney in San Francisco, look no further than Mary Alexander & Associates. We know that rideshare accidents are becoming all too common in San Francisco, and these crashes often leave plaintiffs with life-altering injuries. While pursuing compensation for these accidents may seem more complex compared to a typical auto claim, you can strive for favorable results alongside a qualified lawyer. Book your consultation today to discuss the most appropriate course of action.

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