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San Francisco Clergy Abuse Lawyer

When it comes to clergy abuse of children, no church is immune. We know; we handle clergy sex abuse cases involving clergy of all religions. At our law firm, Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C., our San Francisco clergy abuse lawyers have handled some of the most challenging — and heartbreaking — cases of clergy sex abuse.

Our child sexual abuse attorneys have the knowledge, experience and skill to prevail in the most complex and challenging cases. More important, however, is our ability to build trust. Parents, children and young adults need to know that we take our responsibility as advocates very seriously, that we will work hard for them, and that we will guide them through the difficult process of exposing misconduct and seeking redress.

We know that our clients feel horribly betrayed. We know that the details of the abuse may be very difficult to speak about. We understand how hard it is to have the courage to be heard, especially if years have passed since the abuse. Know that our law firm is here to provide support and comfort while handling your case with dignity.

Sexual Abuse and Children

Some people hesitate to come forward after the abuse has ended. They may believe that it is too late to do anything about it, or that nothing will change, or that it is simply too embarrassing. Beginning January 1, 2020, survivors of child sexual abuse will have until they turn 40 years old or five years from the date of discovery, by which to a lawsuit against their abusers. Previously, the statute of limitation was set to age 26, or three years from the date of discovery. The new law is a step in the right direction in that it gives survivors of childhood sexual assault the additional time they may need to feel comfortable enough to speak up and take legal action against their attackers. Our San Francisco lawyers are here to speak with you about your options during a free initial consultation.

Our lawyers take the time needed to build strong cases. In clergy sex abuse matters involving children, this can be an especially challenging process. We work with psychiatrists, counselors and medical experts to help young victims of clergy sex abuse learn how to describe what has happened to them.

When we present a child sex abuse case to a jury, we are always mindful of the severe pain that the child has experienced. We seek to minimize the trauma that the child experiences during the legal process. We use high-tech presentation software that tells the child’s story effectively while protecting the privacy of the child and his or her family whenever possible.

Retain a San Francisco Clergy Abuse Attorney to File a Claim

If you or your child was abused by a member of the clergy, contact a San Francisco clergy abuse lawyer for assistance with a legal claim. Learn how our law firm can help you fight for justice. Call today to schedule a consultation.

If you or a family member was sexually assaulted by a priest, nun, pastor or any other clergy member, contact Mary Alexander & Associates, we represent clients throughout the entire Bay Area. Call or email us for your free case evaluation.

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