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Pharmaceutical Claims in San Francisco

Prescription drugs can be miracles of modern medicine — medications that improve, and often save, lives. But, unfortunately, that hasn’t always been the case. Indeed, over the years, many drugs have actually caused serious harm — and even killed — those who relied on them. And the irony is that much of this harm could have been prevented, had manufacturers not been hesitant to recall dangerous products. Had they not put profits ahead of patients. If you have been injured because of defective drugs and are looking to file a pharmaceutical claim in San Francisco, seek the help of a dedicated product liability attorney.

The law can’t undo the harm defective pharmaceuticals cause, but it can help those who have been hurt — and their families — recover damages. Depending on the circumstances, they may be able to file a lawsuit under theories of negligence or strict product liability (where a manufacturer is liable for the harm its products cause even in the absence of wrongdoing). These suits can’t erase the past, but they can help to assure a better, more secure future — and place accountability where it belongs.

Yet pharmaceutical cases can be some of the most complex matters to see the inside of a courtroom. The drugs are often complicated, the manufacturers powerful and well-financed, the legal theories multifaceted. These are cases that require more than competent lawyers — they take a law firm that has mastered the science as well as the law; that can explain difficult concepts to juries; that has the dedication and resources to take on the biggest, most influential drug companies around.

Legal Help with a Pharmaceutical Claim in San Francisco

Pharmaceutical Claims in San Francisco
At Mary Alexander & Associates, we have more than 30 years’ experience in products liability cases and both a record and reputation for litigating and negotiating claims against drug manufacturers. We have the scientific background to understand the technology — our founding partner began her career as a scientist — and are known throughout California for the way we leverage cutting-edge courtroom exhibits to explain our theories, and our cases, to juries. We are fighters and advocates, dedicated and tireless. But most of all, we understand the one thing too many pharmaceutical manufacturers don’t: Our top priority is the people who rely on us. Always. For assistance with a pharmaceutical claim in San Francisco, schedule a consultation today.

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