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San Francisco Negligent Security Injury Claims

With property ownership comes certain rights, but it also comes with specific obligations. The most important obligation is the duty to maintain one’s land and any structures on it responsibly. That means keeping it free of hazardous conditions that could injure others. It is, unfortunately, a duty that many property owners fail to uphold, and innocent people get hurt as a result. This includes cities and counties who are not entitled to government immunities.

If you have been injured on another person’s property due to his or her negligence, contact one of our premises liability lawyers today to file a negligent security injury claim in San Francisco.

We Are Dedicated to Helping Wrongfully Injured Victims Recover

San Francisco Negligent Security Injury ClaimsSlip-and-fall accidents are particularly common. They can happen anywhere, to anyone and cause great personal harm. Most of these accidents occur in commercial settings such as grocery and drug stores, office buildings, construction sites, gas stations, and malls and other similar places. However, they can also occur on private property.

Unfortunately, when it comes to injuries on another’s property, slip and fall accidents are just the beginning. Other serious incidents include exposure to toxic materials, animal attacks, swimming pool accidents, balcony accidents and amusement park ride accidents. Indeed, these happen so often that an entire area of law — premises liability — exists to address the harm they cause, and place accountability where it belongs: on the property owners who did not live up to their duty to keep the premises safe.

We Have Experience Litigating Cases Involving Injuries At Bars, Nightclubs Or Other Public Areas

Property owners have a duty to ensure their patrons are safe from preventable harm. Many injuries are caused by physical assaults, lack of or ineffective security personnel or insufficient lighting. Our team of attorneys will work hard to prove that the property owner should have known the danger and failed to take appropriate actions to prevent your injuries.

What Sets Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C. Apart From Other Firms?

While accidents may happen quickly, redress often does not. The good news is that the chances of obtaining a fair and speedy recovery are greatly increased when experienced San Francisco premises liability lawyers are there to help. Our attorneys are known for:

  • Properly investigate the dangerous conditions that caused the accident
  • Negotiate fair settlements with property owners and insurance companies
  • Litigate all cases with dedication and zeal

Our tireless work ethic has led to an extensive record of success and allowed our Bay Area premises liability law firm apart from all the rest.

Questions? Contact Our Office to Schedule a Free Consultation

At Mary Alexander & Associates, our San Francisco lawyers could help to file a negligent security injury claim in San Francisco. We know how to negotiate and litigate all types of premises liability cases, but — above all — the interests of our clients always take precedence. It is our goal to put forth our best efforts, utilizing our extensive experience and courtroom savvy to obtain an optimal recovery.

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