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San Francisco Bus Accident Lawyer

San Francisco Bus Accident LawyerBus drivers and their operating companies have an obligation to drive safely and to ensure that their vehicles are in proper working order. This obligation extends to other motorists, pedestrians, and passengers. Someone who suffers an injury because of a bus driver’s negligence may have the option to demand compensation for all of his/her losses.

Our San Francisco bus accident lawyers can help you pursue a claim if you were involved in a wreck. A personal injury attorney can take the necessary steps to protect your legal rights while gathering evidence to build your case.

Duty of Care

Every motorist shares the same obligations to drive responsibly and with care, including bus drivers. Because these vehicles are larger in size, bus drivers may have to take additional steps to ensure they are driving safely. In addition to adhering to speed limits and obeying all rules regarding yielding, drivers must pay attention to their blind spots when changing lanes.

Additionally, their large size makes them slow to stop in an emergency and provides the potential to cause catastrophic harm in case of a collision. As a result, bus drivers must take special care to remain aware of his/her surroundings and to avoid placing others at risk.

It is important to note that bus drivers owe this duty of care to their passengers as well. Therefore, injured passengers may pursue claims for damages as well. Our San Francisco bus accident attorneys can determine if a defendant breached his/her duty of care to a claimant.

Comparative Fault

In some bus accident cases, the plaintiff may share some of the fault of the collision, especially if they were another driver on the road. Comparative fault establishes that a claimant may receive compensation, regardless of his/her portion of fault. However, the court has the right to reduce this person’s compensatory award by his/her percentage of fault. Our San Francisco lawyers with experience in bus accident cases can determine if a claimant may be partially at fault for a collision and how this may impact his/her compensation.

Potential Losses and Recoverable Damages

People involved in bus wrecks may suffer severe bodily harm, such as traumatic brain injuries and broken bones, in addition to significant property damage. In these situations, a plaintiff may be out of work for a long period of time.

As a result, a claimant may be able to pursue compensation for lost wages as well as for his/her medical bills. Additionally, an injured party may seek compensation for any repair or replacement costs for his/her vehicle. Our San Francisco bus wreck lawyers can determine the value of someone’s claim and help them file for fair damages.

Pedestrian Bus Accidents

Pedestrian bus accidents can be especially serious. Buses are large, heavy vehicles that can cause tremendous damage to those who are just trying to cross the road. Sometimes, pedestrians can be struck by buses while suffering relatively light injuries. Others may suffer fractures, bruises, head injuries, and other similar ailments. Others still may go underneath the wheels of a bus, suffering life-threatening injuries. Seniors and children are especially at risk in these situations. Older individuals may have limited eyesight, and they may move slowly across the road. Children have a tendency to run into the road without warning, and they may also be too small for the bus driver to see below the dashboard.

With that being said, it may be difficult to file a personal injury lawsuit if you were not obeying the rules of the road at the time of the accident. For example, you might have crossed a road at a random point instead of going to a properly marked crosswalk. This is known as “jaywalking,” and it is technically illegal. Because this is against the law, the bus company may try to avoid liability by pointing out that the bus driver could not have expected a person to cross the road at that section.

On the other hand, individuals may still have the opportunity to sue and recover compensation if they crossed in an area that is well-known for jaywalking. For example, certain areas of downtown San Francisco see homeless individuals stumbling onto the road without warning, and drivers familiar with this area are well aware that this is something that can occur at any time.

What if I Was Injured While Riding the Bus?

You may also file a personal injury lawsuit if you were injured while riding the bus. Most buses today do not have seatbelts, and this means that a flipped bus can send riders tumbling through the air before suffering serious injuries. You may also find yourself stuck inside a bus after an accident, and this situation can go from bad to worse if a fire breaks out inside the vehicle.

If you become injured while riding the bus, there are a number of parties that you may be able to hold accountable. First of all, you may be able to hold the bus driver liable. Secondly, you might be able to hold other motorists accountable if they caused the bus accident. In some cases, a variety of different defendants are at fault, which means that each of these defendants could be responsible for paying a portion of your settlement.

Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit After a Bus Accident

If you have lost a loved one due to a bus accident, you may need to file a wrongful death lawsuit. This is when family members file lawsuits on behalf of their deceased loved ones. In many ways, this type of lawsuit is handled exactly the same as a normal personal injury lawsuit. However, you may receive additional compensation for things like funeral expenses and missed future wages. This compensation not only allows you to honor your loved one with an appropriate funeral, but it also allows you to provide for your family even if you lose the wages that your loved one was contributing during their life.

School Bus Injuries

School bus injuries can be especially disturbing and worrying for obvious reasons. Young students deserve the greatest levels of protection as they are transported to their educational facilities in school buses. Unfortunately, school buses are sometimes driven by negligent individuals who do not deserve to be behind the wheel of any vehicle. Even if school bus drivers have a strong track record of safe driving, you can never really control what happens on the road. Other drivers may cause unsafe situations that end in school bus crashes.

School children may be especially vulnerable when they are boarding or exiting school buses. In these situations, young ones may be struck by other vehicles as they run into the road or try to cross the street to access their homes. This is why vehicles must always slow down whenever a school bus comes to a stop at the side of the road. Another potential hazard is the lack of seatbelts in school buses – a common issue with virtually all types of buses in the United States. In addition, the rowdy and hectic nature of children can create a distraction for bus drivers, increasing the chances of an accident. In many ways, bus drivers must simultaneously play two roles – that of a babysitter and that of a motorist.

Contact a San Francisco Bus Accident Attorney for Help

When a bus driver violates their duty of care, they should be held responsible for their negligent actions. However, this can be difficult to accomplish without help from our experienced and knowledgeable San Francisco bus accident lawyer. The attorneys at Mary Alexander & Associates can help you build your claim and become your legal advocate to ensure that your best interests are put first.

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