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Our Success Record

Some law firms measure success in dollars. We measure it in the way we change lives. At Mary Alexander & Associates, our philosophy is simple: Every case, from the routine to the most complicated, gets our best efforts – and the benefits of over half a century of collective insight, knowledge, creativity, and street smarts. We’re tireless advocates and dedicated advisers, using the latest in courtroom technology to explain complex events and theories to juries – and getting our client’s voice, and side, heard. Over the years, we’ve obtained significant verdicts and settlements – including some important multimillion-dollar ones. But we’ve also gotten answers – and accountability. In the process, we haven’t just won cases, but earned a reputation among the bar, and the respect of our clients. Below are just a few of our recoveries on behalf of our clients. Please click on the Verdicts and Settlements or Case Studies links to read more about our work – and our record of success.

$1.15 billion Verdict

Santa Clara Superior Court Judge James P. Kleinberg ordered lead paint companies to pay $1.15 Billion into a fund to remove lead paint from the homes of 10 counties and cities in California. Defendants promoted and sold lead paint for use on homes knowing it is poisonous to children.

$32.7 Million Settlement

An Oakland warehouse fire broke out on December 2, claiming the lives of over 30 people. The warehouse was known as the Ghost Ship. It was a work-live space that more than two dozen people called home. Artists and others, looking for affordable rent in the Bay Area, used the space as their art studio and many people lived there to avoid paying costly rent elsewhere.

$45 million Judgment

A San Mateo victim, 41, who had her neck broken, was paralyzed for life, and became a quadriplegic when her car was struck by a driver speeding through a red light.

$25 million Settlement

Wrongful death action for the loss of several family members brought by surviving heir, who was also suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; settlement included damages for loss of love, comfort and companionship and emotional distress.

$21.4 million Verdict

Wrongful death case in which two families filed a lawsuit on behalf of two brothers who died from cancer as a result of exposure to the known cancer-causing chemical benzene.

$13 million Judgment

Male victim of child sexual abuse by soccer coach that occurred over several years; award included damages for medical expenses, lost earning capacity and pain and suffering.

$7.5 million Verdict

Elderly woman struck in crosswalk by inattentive driver; injuries included severe brain damage and multiple fractures, requiring round-the-clock attendant care.

$6 million Settlement

Young child with broken neck and traumatic brain injury from rear-end truck accident on highway; two other family members also injured their neck and back when struck by the delivery truck.

$5.5 million Settlement

A San Francisco victim, 41, fell three stories when a balcony railing collapsed at his friend’s home due to dry rot and poor construction. His spine was crushed at T5-T7, resulting in paraplegia, and he had a traumatic brain injury from the fall.

$5.5 million Settlement

A long haul trucker was run over by another trucker while outside of the cab of his rig safely locking and inspecting his load. The victim was struck and pulled up into the other semi’s dual rear wheels.

$4 million Settlement

Motorcyclist struck by automobile driven during the course and scope of employment, opening the insurance for the defendant’s employer.

$4 million Settlement

Product liability and premises liability case against a mattress company and apartment building for severe burns suffered by an infant in a crib fire.

$3.75 million Settlement

Claim against a hospital for personal injuries to an infant due to medical malpractice during surgery and infliction of emotional distress to the parents.

$3.45 million Settlement

On behalf of a minor who was sexually molested and abused by a school employee in Elk Grove near Sacramento, CA.

$3.25 million Settlement

Government liability action for wrongful death against Samtrans for the negligence of bus driver running over pedestrian lawfully crossing the street in Palo Alto.

$3 million Settlement

Defective product sparked fire in a home, seriously burning young boy and his parent, who perished after saving his life.

$3.2 million Settlement

Claim against a hospital for personal injuries to an infant due to medical malpractice during surgery and infliction of emotional distress to the parents.

$3.1 million Verdict

Government liability action for personal injury against City of West Hollywood due to dangerous condition of a crosswalk.

$3 million Settlement

Personal injuries caused when a truck loading platform collapsed under our client due to negligent maintenance.

$2.5 million Settlement

Action against school district for damages from sexual abuse of minor student by high school teacher.

$2 million Settlement

Wrongful Death case settled against CalTrain when a train hit and killed a young boy.

$1.5 million Settlement

Wrongful death action for negligence of semi-truck driver who cut-off motorist on a two-lane highway.

$1.8 million Settlement

Premises liability and negligence action for victims of gun shots fired at night club due to inadequate security and screening.

$1.4 million Settlement

Negligent security and premises liability action for concert patron who suffered back and head injuries when hit by unruly patron.

$1.25 million Settlement

Action against supply company employer for sexual abuse of minor while employee was on the job.

$1.1 million Settlement

Action for damages from clergy sexual abuse of elementary school student at a boarding school.

$990,000 Settlement

Action for wrongful death of elderly man in nursing home that was caused to suffer fatal fall during transport.

$930,000 Settlement

Personal injury claim for motorcycle rider who was run over by passing car and suffered compound leg fracture.

$500,000 Settlement

Action for personal injury against transit district for the negligence of bus driver running over disabled woman in motorized wheelchair; injuries included chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

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