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Our Trial Technology

Filing a San Francisco Personal Injury Claim?

Our Use of Trial Technology Can Help Bolster Your Case

In the courtroom, lawyers need to rely on two crucial talents: their legal knowledge and their ability to explain things to the jury. Lawsuits – particularly the hard cases we like to take on – can be complex, involving convoluted fact patterns and novel theories. It’s not enough that the lawyer understands them — the jury has to understand them, too. With more than a quarter of a century of trial experience, we’ve become skilled at breaking down complicated concepts, making them accessible – and convincing – to those who will decide our client’s fate. But we get some help, too.

Over the years, Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C. has become known throughout California for our firm’s use of cutting-edge technology to explain intricate events and theories. Knowing that it’s always better to show than to tell, we use the latest presentation tools to demonstrate exactly what happened – and what went wrong – during the medical procedure, vehicle accident, or defect product at the heart of the case. We don’t just call on the best technology, either – but the best technical experts who help us get the most out of the tools.

Trial technology is more than an investment for us. It’s a vital resource when it comes to litigating a San Francisco personal injury claim. And when we take on a case, that’s something we never spare.

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