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In December of 2016, the now infamous Oakland “Ghost Ship” warehouse, went up in flames during a concert taking place in the building. The deadly fire killed 36 people and left many others injured. Further, as the Ghost Ship warehouse had served as both a home and workspace for artists, the tragic fire left many … Read More

Daily Journal Adds Mary Alexander to Top Plaintiff Lawyers List for 2019

The Daily Journal has honored Mary Alexander by naming her one of the Top Plaintiff Lawyers of 2019. The journal has recognized and stated that Mary, as a founder of Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C., “has started a movement to hold wrongdoers accountable in the courtroom.” Over the past three decades, it has been Mary’s … Read More

How to Safely and Legally Use Electric Scooters in San Francisco

Scooter Accident Lawyer Explains California Regulations Electric scooters are a new form of transportation that is exploding in popularity across the United States, especially here in the Bay Area. Unfortunately, there are plenty of reasons to be concerned about the safety risks electric scooters pose. Electric, or “dockless”, scooters are responsible for accidents across the … Read More

Prop 213 and Car Accident Compensation in California

    California voters passed Proposition 213 (Prop 213 or the Personal Responsibility Act of 1996) in the 1990s. When the law went into effect on November 6, 1996, it changed how uninsured motorists can receive compensation for damages after an auto accident. The law bars uninsured drivers from recovering compensation for general damages under … Read More

Bird Electric Scooters Return to San Francisco: Here’s What You Need to Know

Shared electric scooters are a national trend. In many cities across the U.S., including San Francisco, these scooters can be found almost anywhere. In the San Francisco Bay (literally), in rivers, and on sidewalks. While many people are very annoyed with these scooters popping up at random places across the Bay Area, the most pressing … Read More

Mary E. Alexander Appears in Podcast About Former $13.3 Million Bicycle Accident Case

    Mary E. Alexander appeared on the Great Trials Podcast, which aired on May 14, 2019. She was interviewed about a 1980 California trial where she won a $13.3 million verdict for a University of Arizona student. The student, 40-year-old Mary Hall, suffered a life-altering injury from a bicycle crash while riding down a … Read More

National Law Journal Awards Mary Alexander with 2019 Trailblazer Award

The National Law Journal (NLJ) has honored Mary Alexander with the 2019 Plaintiff Trailblazer award. The journal recognized Mary’s “Pioneer Spirit” through her recent successful verdicts and her impressive legal background. NLJ awarded Mary with this prestigious award because of her hardworking attitude and her determination to help others. Recently, she obtained a $21.4 million … Read More

Bay Area jury awards $21.4 million to the families of two brothers who died of cancer as a result of benzene exposure

San Francisco, CA (March 29, 2019) – A jury in Contra Costa Superior Court today awarded $21.4 million to the families of two brothers who died of cancer as a result of their exposure to the known cancer-causing chemical benzene. The trial lasted over four weeks with the jury deliberating for roughly 3 days. Mary … Read More

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