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Structure Fire Claims in San Francisco

Filing a Claim for a California Structure Fire?

Unfortunately, statistics reveal that the number of fires in California are increasing. Reports of California fires have doubled in the first quarter of 2018. The combined year to date damage up to April 22, 2018 includes 847 fires and the destruction of 2,876 acres. Some of these blazes involve serious burn injuries, wrongful death, personal injuries and destroyed property. In addition, property owners with insurance are finding it more difficult to have their insurance cover their damages. Worse, even if the insurance companies do cover losses, the wait time for repairs can be years. Nothing can bring back what you lost in your house fire. However, a housefire attorney can help you resolve your claims quickly, expediting repairs.

The fire claims attorneys at Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C. believe that structure fire victims deserve protection. We have seen firsthand how devastating a blaze can be to a business or home. For this reason, we aggressively defend our clients. Our history of success stems from our experience. With a team of experts, we can investigate the details that have led to your structure fire claim in San Francisco. Furthermore, we can help you find medical treatment, gather evidence, list damages and determine liability.

What Can Cause a California House Fire?

As a rule, there are common causes of California fire accidents, including wildfires like the Santa Rosa fire of 2017. In that case, the negligence of PG&E in maintaining electrical lines caused a fire that destroyed the homes of thousands of Northern Californians. In other structural fire cases, gas lines have been found to be poorly maintained, causing dangerous leaks. In addition, deteriorating water heaters and furnaces are frequent catalyst for a house fire. Improper electrical wiring, flammable materials, faulty kitchen appliances and improper fire safety materials can also contribute. Depending on the type of structure, fire damages and claims can vary. Some common structure fires involve:

  • Homes: Most homeowners believe their insurance will compensate them in the event of a house fire. Nonetheless, homeowners insurance settlements are increasingly difficult to obtain. This is especially true if you lost your home to a wildfire or widespread blaze.
  • Industrial Centers: Over time, any gas line can be reduced to the point of leaking. In some cases, an explosion can emit, often originating from the gas leak. These unfortunate disasters can completely destroy factories. Our law firm can investigate any evidence to discover if there was oversight by a municipality.
  • Apartments: Generally, property owners are responsible for providing a safe environment for their tenants. Thus, they must comply with California fire safety regulations. However, this duty can also fall on a manager. After reviewing the details, a California housefire attorney can help discover who is liable. Our law firm represented victims of the Oakland Ghost Ship warehouse fire, which was being used as illegal housing by hundreds of people.

What Are Common California Fire Injuries?

A number of injuries can result from a structure fire in San Francisco. Some other common injuries that may be involved in a California fire injury claim involve:

  • Burns: These injuries range in degrees. A first degree burn involves red skin, similar to sunburn. Peeling, swelling and dry skin are side effects. Second degree burns go deeper, resulting in blisters and increased pain. Third degree burns receive their namesake due to destroying all three layers of skin. Burns above the third degree are almost always fatal or disabling. For example, fourth degree burns, sometimes cause by electrocution, often require skin grafting surgeries. Fifth degree burns reach the bone and affect all organs. Finally, sixth degree burns involve damage so severe that it is impossible to survive.
  • Inhalation of hazardous particles: In a fire, substances like glass may become superheated, causing combustion. Inhalation of these heated glass particles can permanently damage airway passages and lungs. As a result, permanent disability is common.
  • Smoke Inhalation: The leading cause of death in fires is smoke inhalation. Additionally, carbon monoxide poisoning can burn internal organs, damaging brain tissue. Unfortunately, these injuries can have life altering consequences and are sometimes fatal.

Seeking Recovery from Fire Damages? Contact Our Law Firm Today

Have you lost a loved one to a housefire? Has a structure fire resulted in you losing your home, business, personal property or sentimental items? Without a legal professional, you face a long fight with insurance adjusters. Furthermore, structure fire disaster may have caused you emotional distress and disability. You have a right to pursue the entities that may have contributed to your injury. If you have questions about your rights, our California housefire attorney can help.

Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C. have a record of protecting the rights of fire victims. We know what it takes to strengthen your structure fire claim in San Francisco. With a team of professionals, we can scrutinize reports, gather evidence and protect your best interests. Ultimately, our goal is to discover what parties may have contributed to your injures. We are prepared to use our resources to help you, no matter the type of structure or fire. To schedule a free consultation, contact our firm online or call our office today.

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