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San Francisco Massage Abuse Lawyer

When you book a massage, whether it is your first time, a special occasion, or you are a regular client, you expect to enjoy professional service. Perhaps the purpose of the massage is to ease sore muscles, relieve stress, or simply treat yourself. Whatever the reason for your visit, you expect dignified and respectful treatment.

Massage clients are often vulnerable to abuse due to the nature of the service. Unfortunately, some massage therapists commit abuse and the massage locations where they work fail to take responsibility. Over the last several years, there has been sharp increase of numerous allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct at various locations throughout the country, including against Massage Envy franchises.

Our San Francisco massage abuse lawyers at Mary Alexander & Associates could help you take legal action if you experienced sexual abuse or misconduct at a massage location. Our attorneys could assist you in seeking compensation for the sexual abuse you suffered at the hands of an unprofessional massage therapist.

What Massage Therapist Misconduct Leads to Viable Claims?

San Francisco Massage Abuse Lawyer
Those who suffer massage abuse may experience various types of inappropriate touch and sexual misconduct. Our attorneys in San Francisco could help mistreated customers bring massage abuse lawsuits for:

  • Inappropriate groping, touching, or rubbing
  • Massaging areas of the body without prior consent
  • Massaging genitalia or breasts
  • The massage therapist asking the client to touch them inappropriately
  • Nonconsensual penetration

Verbalizations, pornographic displays, and taking of photos or videos also could lead to viable claims, as was the case in certain instances of abuse at Massage Envy franchises. If an individual was subject to physical acts that could be harmful, he/she must go to a clinic or hospital for an examination. In addition to ensuring his/her health, the medical findings could provide important evidence in a legal case.

Claims in Instances of Massage Abuse

Some prospective plaintiffs may be hesitant to bring claims out of fear of publicity and embarrassment. This is entirely understandable given the nature of these cases and the emotional trauma some individuals experience. Our attorneys stand ready to help you in this delicate situation, while maintaining your privacy as a top priority.

In San Francisco massage abuse cases, a plaintiff can bring several claims with the help of our attorneys to hold the responsible parties accountable. These may include claims for sexual abuse or battery, premises liability, gender violence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, false imprisonment, negligence, and violation of other state laws. In these cases, a customer may be able to hold the massage location franchisee, owner, or operator liable in addition to the individual massage therapist.


In general, negligence argues that the massage location owed a duty of care to the plaintiff, breached this duty, and directly caused harm to the claimant, whether physically, psychologically, or both.

The duties owed to a client by a massage location are numerous. They could include the duty to investigate and hire suitable employees, supervise and train their massage therapists, mandate standards of conduct, and investigate misconduct.

While some locations may contend that they were unaware of their massage therapists’ misconduct, ignorance does not provide a viable defense. Massage locations have a duty to act reasonably under the circumstances, which includes promptly addressing inappropriate conduct. Turning a blind eye to suspicious conduct and complaints typically does not hold up in court.

Consult Our San Francisco Massage Abuse Attorneys

Customers who experience sexual abuse during a massage should work with the attorneys at Mary Alexander & Associates to exercise their legal rights after suffering the unimaginable. In a lawsuit, you may be entitled to recoup medical expenses, compensation for emotional distress, and other damages.

Our lawyers understand the delicacy of your situation and could help you seek relief. Call our San Francisco massage abuse lawyers today for a confidential case consultation.

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