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Lawsuits for Fire Damage in San Francisco


San Francisco Law Firm Represents Fire Victims

You lose more than your property in a fire. Families may be left homeless, businesses may shut down and injuries may have lifelong impacts. Some property may be irreplaceable, especially if it is sentimental or made of uncommon materials. Heirlooms, personal treasures, records and photos are just some of the losses people may experience after a blaze. Even worse, there could be a total loss of property or home, resulting in further emotional distress. Navigating the confusing legal landscape of a fire damage claim can become overwhelming. The attorneys at Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C. handle lawsuits for fire damage in San Francisco to protect the rights of victims.

A fire at your home, business or property does more than cause financial hardship. It can displace families, afflict survivors with post-traumatic stress and leave an overwhelming feeling of loss. However, attorneys that handle fire claims regularly and successfully can identify which party may have contributed to your losses. Our law firm can help you expedite repairs and accelerate your recovery through compensation. We cannot bring back what you lost, but we can help you start again and move forward. Currently, we are representing victims of the Santa Rosa fires, which resulted from negligence power line maintenance by PG&E. We are partnering with attorney Mark P. Robinson of Robinson Calcagnie, Inc. on these cases.

Will Fire Insurance Cover My Property Damage?

If you have fire insurance and file a claim after a fire, then you may be surprised by the initial settlement offer by your insurance adjuster. Unfortunately, insurance coverage is usually not sufficient to cover the equal and immediate replacement of a home or businesses. Additionally, your mementos of weddings, birthdays, milestones or other treasures are irreplaceable and are not always valued appropriately. Furthermore, insurance companies challenge fire damage claims increasingly often and premiums are becoming consistently more expensive.

It can be tempting to take an initial offer from your adjuster. After all, it can seem like the fastest way to get the money you desperately need to care for your family. However, our fire claim lawyers know that insurance companies use this against you. They want you to accept a claim that may not be in your best interest. Working with a team of experts, our attorneys can have your possessions and property evaluated in a fair way. Then, we can negotiate with the insurance company so that you get a fair offer. Having an experienced fire claim lawyer can make all the difference in your settlement and recovery.

Who Can Be Liable in a Fire Lawsuit?

There are many ways a fire can begin, and so many possible parties may contribute to fire damage and losses. A contractor may not wire a property to code, resulting in an ignition from old cloth materials left in walls. Gas explosions are common in both residential and business claims. Sometimes, cases involve defective smoke detectors that prevented victims from stopping a fire before it caused extensive damage. Additionally, there may be a product liability case if you have furniture that did not meet California fire retardant standards, for example. Our fire attorneys will examine these facts and others to determine how your tragedy started.

Knowing the details of your story, we can begin to identify who may have contributed to the damage to your property. Fire law is complicated, overlapping many other disciplines, and everyone’s fire claim is unique. You may have a case against the owner of a rental house or contractor of a property. Additionally, a manufacturer of furniture, alarms or appliances may be held liable. In some cases, gas companies may have contributed to property fire damage. In the case of the 2017 Santa Rosa fires, electrical company PG&E may be liable for the loss of hundreds of homes. Using our extensive experience, our team will explore all options for recovery in your claim.

Property Damaged by a Fire in San Francisco? Call for a Free Consultation

Have you lost a home or business to fire damage? Are you facing delays in repairs to your property? Are insurance adjusters trying to take advantage of you during a traumatic time? California fire claims can be complex and time-consuming without an attorney on your side. You do not need to feel like your future is uncertain in such a traumatic time. An experienced and passionate fire claim lawyer can help you reach the settlement you deserve.

The attorneys at Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C. have been recovering property claims for business owners and families for decades. No matter the state of your claim or size of your assets, our lawyes can help with a lawsuit for fire damage in San Francisco. Through a free consultation, we can let you know how our firm can help, at no cost. We may never bring back your memories, but we can help rebuild your future. Call us today or contact us online.

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