Dublin has more bicycle commuters than nearly any other city in the United States. Our climate allows for bicyclists to ride year-round. Dublin’s hills make bicycling an especially vigorous form of exercise, and our city’s density makes it convenient. Although Dublin is viewed by many as a bike-friendly city, there are many motorists who simply do not pay enough attention to bicyclists. Even though bicyclists have the same rights to the road as motor vehicles, motorists cut off bicyclists, run bikes off the road, open doors in front of moving bikes and commit any number of other negligent actions.When cars, trucks or other motor vehicles collide with bicycles, the bicyclist nearly always suffers severe injuries. If you or a loved one has been severely injured in a bicycle accident, it’s crucial to work with an experienced Dublin bicycle accident law firm. People who have suffered life-changing injuries turn to Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C., the Dublin bicycle accident law firm who gets the job done.

To learn more about your case and how we can help you get the compensation you deserve, contact us online. We represent clients in Northern California, including the cities of Dublin, Oakland, San Mateo and San Jose.

At Mary Alexander & Associates, we have earned a strong reputation throughout California and the nation for our trial advocacy skills. We work hard to help our clients get medical care and compensation that can make a critical difference in their lives.

Building a Strong and Persuasive Case

From a legal point of view, bicycle accident cases present some difficulties. Often, evidence typically found in a vehicle accident (such as skid marks and vehicle debris) is absent, making it more difficult to reconstruct what really happened. The Dublin bicycle accident law firm, Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C., has the investigative skills to determine how bicycle accidents happen. Aided by a professional investigator, our firm will reconstruct the sequence of events leading to the accident and determine the liability of the responsible party. If a trial is needed, we can make the accident come to life before a jury through state-of the-art animations and displays.

A Full Accounting of Your Losses

Our Dublin bicycle accident law firm will make a complete investigation of your injuries to make certain your claim includes your full measure of damages. Your Dublin bicycle accident law firm, Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C., prepares every case with the intent of taking it to trial. A cornerstone of our representation involves using state-of-the-art, unique exhibits and displays that help tell our client’s story to a jury.

In addition to medical costs, our Dublin bicycle accident law firm will make a full accounting of all other losses for inclusion in your claim. These can include lost income and non-financial losses such as pain and suffering and emotional distress. Mary Alexander & Associates will seek maximum compensation for all losses.

Medical Care for Injured Bicyclists

Injured bicyclists can suffer a broad range of injuries. Even when bicyclists wear helmets, they are at risk for head injuries and other serious, life-changing injuries. Our firm has extensive experience in cases involving injuries typically occurring in a bicycle accident, including head injuries, brain injuries, severe fractures and broken bones. In many cases, bicyclists suffer injuries to the wrists or arms when trying to break their fall. Upon hitting the ground, bicyclists can suffer road rash or similar injuries. These injuries can prevent you from working or enjoying everything that life has to offer.

Our firm works closely with treating physicians and other medical specialists to determine accident victims’ current and future medical needs. We then work diligently to obtain the financial resources that can pay for medical treatment and rehabilitation services.

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