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Accident Result in Playground Injuries to Children?

School officials and staff members have a duty to ensure the safety of children during school hours and activities. When this duty goes unfulfilled, children are vulnerable to a variety of injuries and dangers. If your child has been hurt while participating in any school-sponsored activity, he or she may have grounds to seek damages in a personal injury claim.

Pursuing legal action against a school district is complex, and there are specific rules that need to be followed in order for these actions to be successful. This is especially true if a public school system is involved as there are time limitations to filing a lawsuit. It is important that you choose a lawyer who knows the law and has the ability to secure a favorable outcome on your child’s behalf. At Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C., we have been fighting for the rights of injury victims for more than 30 years.

Seeking Justice In School Injury Cases Throughout The Bay Area

Our experienced child injury attorneys will hold all negligent parties responsible for the role they played in the harm that came to your child. This may include legal action against teachers, school supervisors, school districts and municipalities. There may also be a case against equipment manufacturers or installers if your child was injured using malfunctioning playground or sports equipment. We always pursue every avenue of compensation, and we are extremely thorough in our case preparation.

Child Injury Lawyers Handling Cases In San Francisco

We handle many types of cases involving injuries to children on a playground or at school. Whether your child has suffered a broken/severed limb, head injury, back injury, burn or even fatal injury, we handle all types of school and playground injury cases.

Injuries to children can occur at school in many different types of situations, including:

  • Playgrounds, including defective playground equipment
  • Gymnasiums, including roughhousing or horseplay during gym class
  • School buses
  • Field trips
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Sports-related injuries
  • After-school day care accidents

Contact Us And Schedule A Free Case Evaluation

We have experience handling all types of cases involving playground injuries to children. In San Francisco and throughout Northern California, we aggressively pursue maximum compensation in every case. Take action as soon as possible. We offer free case evaluations. Contact us online or call to learn how our law firm can help you fight for justice.

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