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If there is one word that defines the cases we take and the way we work, it is trust. Our clients come to us when the bonds of trust have been broken — when a product that was supposed to be safe wasn’t; when someone who was supposed to act according to accepted standards was negligent. But they come to us, too, for the trust we provide: the way we put our clients’ interests first; and how we always, absolutely, give our best possible efforts to obtain the best possible result. Call 415-433-4440 or contact us online for immediate help with an Oakland, San Jose, San Mateo or San Francisco attorney.

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At Mary Alexander & Associates, we handle many types of cases in Oakland, San Jose, San Mateo, San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area, from products liability to vehicle accidents to wrongful death and business torts. But at no time does trust play a bigger role than in the child sex abuse cases we take on. These cases aren’t just about wrongdoing; they’re about crimes. And they’re about breaking the most important trust relationship there is: that between a child and an adult.

Child Sex Abuse Attorney

Handling — and prevailing in — a child sex abuse case takes more than courtroom experience. It takes a law firm that knows how to create trust after it has been shattered. How to work with clients who haven’t just been harmed, but seen their lives — and the way they look at life — completely overturned and disrupted. It means knowing how to think clearly and act compassionately in some of the most emotionally charged cases there are.

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Our experience litigating some of the most high-profile, wrenching clergy sex abuse cases in Oakland, San Jose, San Mateo, San Francisco and throughout Northern California hasn’t just taught us the nuances of the law, and how to be successful advocates for our clients. It has taught us how to be advisers and partners to them; how to address needs that go beyond good lawyering; how to not just win a case but win — and keep — trust, when it matters most. We don’t just work to get the right result. We work to get it the right way, through expertise, dedication, hard work, and caring. Email us or call 415-433-4440.

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