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Oakland Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Because of the lack of protection from the force of other vehicles, motorcyclists can be at an especially high risk for incurring severe injuries when a collision occurs. These devastating accidents may happen when one party violates a traffic law or merely operates their vehicle in an inattentive manner. In either situation, consulting with our Oakland motorcycle accident lawyers can be beneficial. If the negligence of another driver caused a motorcycle wreck in which you suffered injuries, you should speak to our personal injury attorneys about your legal options.

Potential Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Oakland Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Even if motorcyclists observe all traffic laws and ride carefully, they may still be at risk of sustaining significant bodily harm. Some of the most common causes of motorcycle wrecks may include distracted drivers, motorists committing traffic violations, and individuals who are operating their cars while impaired.

Drivers can become distracted by electronic devices, passengers in their vehicle, or eating and drinking. Drivers may also simply not be paying attention while driving. Because motorbikes are smaller than other passenger vehicles, it can be more difficult for other drivers to see them, especially if they are distracted. As a result, motorcycle accidents are common occurrences.

Similarly, failing to follow traffic laws by speeding, driving recklessly, or disobeying signs and signals can lead to devastating accidents for motorbike riders. Impaired drivers also likely have a decreased ability to observe and avoid motorcycle riders. With alcohol or drugs substantially slowing their reaction times and ability to prevent a crash, these drivers are at a higher risk of causing collisions.

Potential Injuries

Collisions between passenger vehicles and motorbikes may result in more injuries to the motorcyclist because riders have fewer protections. While motor vehicle occupants have safety features such as airbags, seatbelts, and a metal vehicle frame to protect them, motorcyclists have no such protections. As a result, a collision with another vehicle may lead to a rider being ejected from his/her bike with nothing to protect them from the impact.

The injuries that riders may sustain in motorcycle crashes can be catastrophic and permanent in many cases. These injuries may include trauma to the spinal cord or brain and broken bones. In some cases, riders may suffer permanent impairments that prevent them from returning to work or resuming his/her daily activities. Our Oakland lawyers can assess a claimant’s motorcycle accident case and determine how the severity of his/her injuries affect compensation.

Oakland Motorcycle Accident AttorneyNegligence in Motorcycle Crash Claims

All drivers owe a duty of care to other motorists and passengers on the road. They must drive in a moderately safe manner, both to protect themselves and others. When a driver’s conduct falls below this standard of care, they may be negligent under the law. This may make them liable for the costs of any accidents and injuries that occur.

Although violating a traffic law is not automatic proof of negligence, it is strong evidence that claimants can use to hold drivers liable. Similarly, evidence that drivers were impaired or texting while driving can result in civil liability for those drivers. Our motorcycle wreck attorneys in Oakland can help claimants establish negligence in their personal injury case.

Speak with Our Oakland Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

The injuries someone may suffer in a motorcycle accident can be debilitating and costly. As a result, if another driver is responsible for causing your injuries, you should get in touch with our Oakland motorcycle accident lawyers who can help you pursue damages. Contacting legal counsel may be the most effective means of seeking fair compensation. To get started on your case, call Mary Alexander & Associates today.

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