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Mary Alexander & Associates has been successful at obtaining compensation for many catastrophic injury victims and families who have lost loved ones in structural failure cases. Many of these cases involved poorly constructed or maintained wooden balconies, decks and railings, including several that had dry rot that contributed to the weakening of the structures.

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Falls from balconies almost always result in serious injuries or fatalities. When the fall was the result of negligence or misconduct by another party, people injured in balcony accidents may be eligible for compensation. It is important to consult a knowledgeable Oakland, San Jose, San Mateo or San Francisco premises liability attorney to learn about eligibility for a legal action or claim.

At Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C., our premises liability attorneys advocate for clients who were injured in balcony falls. We represent individuals who fell from balconies on apartment houses, hotels, office buildings and public agency buildings. We also advocate for the families of individuals killed in balcony falls, filing wrongful death claims so that survivors can put their lives back together without financial worries.

Balcony Falls And Structural Problems

In many instances, balcony falls are the result of structural problems with the balcony itself. Wooden balconies may have undetected rot. The safe weight load may have been incorrectly calculated. The bolts may have rusted and become weakened. Railings may be broken or defective. The railing may not be high enough to prevent children from climbing. It may not meet building codes.

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Our law firm is known for thoroughly investigating the accidents that resulted in our clients’ injuries and building strong cases based on the facts. We review building permits, police reports and whether the building or owner was previously cited for code violations. We seek out witnesses to verify the events surrounding the accident. We consult with experts and specialists in fields such as construction, engineering, medicine and other areas to identify the responsible party and document the consequences of the fall.

If you were injured or a loved one was killed in a balcony fall, contact our experienced San Francisco premises liability and balcony collapse injury attorneys. We offer a free initial consultation to all new clients. Call 415-433-4440 or contact us online to arrange an appointment.

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