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When a gas line exploded in suburban San Bruno on September 9, lives were lost, people were injured, and homes were destroyed forever. Investigators want answers — and so, too, do the many residents whose lives were impacted, even shattered, by the tragedy. What we do know is heart-wrenching: a sudden explosion, flames tearing through once quiet blocks, neighbors fleeing for their lives, a community suddenly homeless. And those were the lucky ones.

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. — the utility that serves the San Francisco Bay area — says that one of its gas lines ruptured. The company has said, too, that if it was responsible for the incident, it will take accountability.

Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board are on the scene of the disaster, attempting to unravel just what went wrong. But right now there is only one thing that’s certain: Something did go wrong. People were killed and hurt. Many saw their lives changed forever. And very likely, it never had to happen.

San Bruno PG&E Gas Explosion Lawyers

When catastrophe occurs, people demand answers and accountability. But they also need an advocate. Someone who will champion their cause, and see that responsibility — and recovery — comes. Someone who can fight for them, and with them, to make sure that those who caused the harm now help with the healing, for immediate help call (415) 433-4440 or email us online for your free consultation.

For more than a quarter century, Mary Alexander has been just that kind of advocate. A nationally recognized trial lawyer, she has come to the aid of — and come through for — countless individuals grievously injured, or impacted, by senseless, needless tragedy. In the process, she and her firm — Mary Alexander & Associates — have built a track record that includes many multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements. And many lives rebuilt.

That’s no small accomplishment for any lawyer, but for Mary it has always been a starting point. Known for her steadfast commitment to public service, and rights, she was instrumental in getting pro bono legal assistance to families devastated by the 9/11 terror attacks, and has served as past president of the Consumer Attorneys of California and the Association of Trial Lawyers of America. Indeed, the San Francisco Chronicle has named Mary one the Bay Area’s top 10 trial attorneys.

Contacting a San Bruno Gas Line Explosion Lawyer

The San Bruno tragedy is one that hits home for Mary Alexander & Associates. Because this is our town, too. We want to see it grow and prosper. We want to see our neighbors recover. And we have the experience, resources, and will to make that happen. Contact us now at (415) 433-4440 or email us online.

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