San Francisco Dangerous Roadway Injury Lawyer

There are standards for road design, construction and maintenance. However, many roads in Northern California do not meet these standards. As a result, car accidents occur that would not have happened had the municipality, state or county adhered to the approved standards. When people are injured or killed in these accidents, victims or survivors may have recourse. They may be able to file claims against insurance companies or go to trial in pursuit of compensation and damages. For immediate assistance from a San Francisco dangerous roadway injury lawyer, call today

Our attorney have a remarkable record of success with dangerous road claims against public entities. This is due in part to our extensive use of presentation technology that allows us to convey the full story of our clients’ accidents to juries or insurance adjusters. It is just as much a result of our attorneys’ experience at trial, our willingness to prepare fully and our ability to demonstrate the impact of our clients’ injuries with compassion and sympathy.

Examples of Dangerous Road Conditions

Our cases have involved roads that are defective and dangerous because of:

  • Inadequate sight lines
  • Unguarded drop-offs
  • Uncleared vegetation
  • Improper banking
  • Potholes and other pavement damage
  • Manhole covers
  • Railroad tracks

Some of these conditions may not cause problems for autos but can be dangerous for bicycles and motorcycles. Our attorneys investigate each case fully and carefully to understand why there is a defect or dangerous condition and properly identify the liable entity.

Other Dangerous Roadway Cases

Defendants in our cases have not been limited to public entities; we have also brought suits against railroads, homeowners’ associations and businesses in matters involving unsafe roads and pavement. In some instances, we have sued contractors and subcontractors who actually performed the work. Each case is different, and determining the correct defendant is an important part of building a successful case.

How a San Francisco Dangerous Rodaway Injury Attorney Might Help

If you need assistance after an accident caused by dangerous road conditions and wish to talk to an experienced attorney, please contact a San Francisco dangerous roadway injury lawyer today by calling or contact us online.