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San Francisco Head-On Collision Lawyer

A head-on collision occurs when the front end of two vehicles collide with one another. These accidents typically happen when one vehicle drives over the center lane into oncoming traffic. Another cause of front-end accidents occurs when someone tries to pull over when there is no appropriate place for their vehicle. This leads to motorists stopping in the middle of traffic, and when other drivers try to move around them, they end up getting into a head-on collision.

An experienced San Francisco head-on collision lawyer can help you file a claim for civil damages if a negligent driver caused you to sustain injuries. A skilled attorney can handle the legal process and corresponding with insurance companies to take some of the burden off your shoulders.

Potential Injuries

Head-on collisions can be serious because they often result in traumatic brain injuries, such as concussions and intracranial hemorrhaging and midline shift. Additionally, some injured claimants may end up with significant cervical spinal cord and backbone injuries.

It is important that an injured party follow up with his/her doctor after a head-on collision because there are a variety of injuries that the injured party may not yet be aware of at the time of the accident. For example, if someone sustains head trauma, he/she may not notice any symptoms immediately. However, as time passes, an injured party may begin experiencing severe symptoms that are the result of the collision.

How Insurance Companies Assign Fault

Insurance companies determine fault in front-end accidents by first reviewing the responding officer’s report. However, if their record does not align with the best interests of their policyholder, then they may look into other circumstances of the accident. For example, head-on collisions may occur due to failure to maintain in the appropriate lane, improper passing, and traveling at speeds that are too excessive for certain weather and environmental conditions.

If an insurance company finds the opposing party to be guilty of any of these contributing factors or others, this may impact how they assign fault. A San Francisco lawyer who is familiar with head-on collision cases can assess your claim and determine how an insurance company could assign fault based on your situation.

Factors that Impact Liability

California follows a “pure” comparative negligence standard, which is one of the main factors that may impact liability in head-on collision cases. The concept of pure comparative negligence takes into account that any of the involved parties may have had a role in contributing to the cause of an accident. Thus, the “fault” assigned to each party can affect how an injured party is compensated. For example, if a court discovers that the plaintiff was distracted by an electronic device, improperly belted, failed to keep their vehicle in proper working order, or were driving recklessly at the time of the accident, the plaintiff could be found partially at fault for his/her injuries. This could cause any ultimate judgment the plaintiff receives to be decreased by his/her percentage of fault.

Punitive Damages

A judge may award punitive damages in a front-end collision case. For example, in accidents where the defendant was excessively speeding. or driving while intoxicated may result in award of punitive damages to the injured party.

A San Francisco head-on collision attorney can help you determine if punitive damages are applicable in your case and pursue this compensation on your behalf if warranted.

Contact a San Francisco Head-On Collision Attorney

The aftermath of a front-end accident can be devastating and challenging to handle without a seasoned legal professional. Therefore, if you have been in an accident, you should speak with a San Francisco head-on collision lawyer for help in navigating the legal process.

In addition to being your legal advocate, an attorney can pursue fair compensation on your behalf. For help on your case, schedule a consultation with our attorneys at Mary Alexander & Associates today.

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