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San Francisco Rear-End Collision Lawyer

A rear-end collision occurs when a vehicle hits the back of another car in front of them. Under the California Vehicle Code, it is illegal to follow another automobile too closely such that a motorist is unable to stop before hitting the car in front of him/her.

If you sustained injuries and significant property damage after being rear-ended, speak with an experienced attorney today. A San Francisco rear-end collision lawyer understands the legal complexities of establishing fault in these accident cases and can build your claim based on their findings.

Causes of Rear-End Collisions

One of the most common causes of rear-end collisions is due to inattentive driving, especially when there are road hazards present. For example, if a negligent driver is not paying proper attention when traveling near vehicles that are double-parked, such as delivery vans or Ubers, the negligent driver could accidentally rear-end these double-parked vehicles while trying to pass.

Additionally, many rear-end accidents take place in accordion traffic, which refers to when a line of cars speeds up and slows down in succession. If a motorist is distracted, he/she may not stop and speed up appropriately to match the flow of traffic, resulting in a collision.

Assigning Fault

In a rear-end car accident, a defendant may concede some fault, but then take steps to present evidence that puts some of the blame on the plaintiff. For example, a defendant may suggest that the injured party was using his/her cellphone at the time of the accident, or that he/she was not wearing his/her seat belt properly, leading to more severe injuries.

To establish liability in San Francisco rear-end collision cases, a lawyer may use various methods and tools to work-up the case, such as retaining an accident reconstructionist to pull the black box data from each of the vehicles involved. This allows the accident reconstructionist to acquire a greater understanding of what kind of forces were involved in the accident and whether or not the impact was sufficient enough to cause the injuries claimed.

Role of an Attorney

One of the first steps that a rear-end collision attorney in San Francisco may take is to visit the location of the accident; where the attorney will typically take photographs, and conduct an investigation. An attorney also may work to ensure that evidence is appropriately preserved, especially in situations where either vehicle is in possession of a towing company. To collect further evidence, a legal professional may get the expert opinion of an accident reconstructionist to ensure that the claimant’s account of how the collision occurred is consistent with the physical evidence.

An attorney also may review medical records and bills to understand the nature and extent of the claimant’s injuries. Further, an attorney may use his/her experience in dealing with insurance companies to speak with providers in order to get a preliminary sense as to whether or not filing a lawsuit is necessary. An attorney can also help with investigating both the claimant’s and the defendant’s applicable insurance policies, in order to determine policy limits for the case.

Speak with a San Francisco Rear-End Collision Attorney Today

It is important to contact an attorney immediately following an accident. In addition to helping you promptly collect critical evidence, a San Francisco rear-end collision attorney can correspond with the opposing party’s insurance company, ensuring that you do not make any statements that could jeopardize your claim. To learn more about how an attorney can help you with your case, call today.

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