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San Francisco Coach Abuse Lawyer

Most children enjoy being part of organized sports such as Little League and community soccer teams. Many older children play on school sports teams through graduation from high school. Sports are a big part of many children’s lives, as are the coaches, who are often important and trusted figures in a child’s life. When a coach sexually abuses a child, he or she betrays that trust.

If you suspect your child has been abused, a San Francisco coach abuse lawyer could help. Our dedicated child injury attorneys help children and families who have suffered the trauma of abuse by a coach. We undertake legal action against schools, municipalities and sponsoring entities. We know that the abuser has violated not only the trust of the young person and his or her family, but has also committed a crime. We seek redress and justice for young people who were victims of the coach’s criminal acts.

Sexual Abuse & Sports in the Bay Area

Schools, sports leagues and community organizations have a duty to protect the children who participate in their activities. They are responsible for screening adults who volunteer or are paid to coach youth sports. They must respond properly to allegations of misconduct. They need to act on any hint of abusive behavior, whether overtly sexual or not. When they do not, they may be liable for the damage caused by their negligent hiring and supervision.

When youth sports organizations fail to exercise the care required of them and children are abused, they can be held liable. Our San Francisco coach abuse attorneys have the sensitivity to develop compelling cases while shielding young people from the need to relive the trauma they experienced. We employ the latest courtroom technology to tell a child’s story in a sensitive and compassionate way, while also limiting the victim’s exposure to public scrutiny. Our attorneys could help survivors take legal action even years after the abuse occurs. Beginning January 1, 2020, a new state law will extend the statute of limitations granting survivors additional time to file lawsuits. Victims will now be able to bring their claims up until their 40th birthdays or five years from the date they discovered their injury was caused by the childhood sexual abuse.

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To file a claim for justice, call a San Francisco coach abuse lawyer for assistance. Learn how our law firm can help you and your family recover from the pain you have endured.

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