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San Francisco Teacher Abuse Lawyer

Children often spend more time with their teachers than their parents or siblings. These professionals have a profound influence on a child’s life and future. When they abuse the trust that parents and the community place in them and sexually abuse children in their care, these teachers and the schools that hire them may be liable for the damage they cause.

A hardworking child injury attorney could help young people and their families after incidents of abuse by teachers. We are sensitive to the delicate nature of these cases and are compassionate in our dealings with victims. We are determined to reduce the incidence of teacher sex abuse and obtain compensation for the students and families affected by the abuse.

A San Francisco teacher abuse lawyer knows that money will not take away the pain of children whose lives were forever changed by the misconduct of teachers. However, it will allow families to obtain counseling and treatment that can help them start healing after a traumatic experience.

Sexual Abuse and Teachers

We do not limit our involvement in these cases to obtaining a fair settlement or verdict. We also help families find the right care providers. We have a vast network of professionals in Oakland, San Jose, San Mateo & San Francisco to advise us and our clients about treatment options.

We also call upon these professionals to help us build strong cases. Psychologists, medical professionals, education experts and many other specialists determine the extent and type of damage caused by abuse. They help us estimate the lifelong consequences to our clients; these can include the need for lifelong psychiatric treatment and vocational counseling, as well as the cost of pain and suffering. It can be challenging to translate these damages into dollar amounts, but our law firm has the resources and knowledge to do this effectively.

When pursuing an action against a public entity, such as a public school, Plaintiffs generally must first bring a government tort claim within 6 months of the incident before they can sue in court. However, in some cases of sexual abuse, survivors may skip this step and immediately file a lawsuit. In any scenario, it is important to take action as soon as possible to avoid missing your applicable statute of limitation. Our Oakland, San Jose, San Mateo or San Francisco attorneys are here to advise you regarding the deadlines applicable to your case.

Call a San Francisco Teacher Abuse Attorney to File a Claim

Learn how our law firm can help you and your family recover from the trauma you have experienced. Schedule a consultation with a San Francisco teacher abuse lawyer today.

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