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San Francisco Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

People who rely on prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs trust that these substances will help make them feel better and improve the symptoms from which they may be suffering. When a drug fails to alleviate a consumer’s symptoms, they could sustain many losses and unwanted side effects that may impact them for a long period of time.

Pharmaceutical companies have a duty of care to their customers to produce drugs that are safe for human consumption and to warn users of any potential negative side effects. Our San Francisco dangerous drugs lawyer can help you file a claim for damages if you believe a company breached this duty, and you suffered as a result. Our experienced personal injury attorneys can become your legal advocate and work to ensure that you obtain fair compensation for all of your losses.

Proving a Dangerous Drugs Claim

San Francisco Dangerous Drugs Lawyer
Drug companies have the same legal obligations as all other manufacturers, meaning they must make products that are safe for their intended use. Our San Francisco dangerous drugs attorney could help prove that the defendant made an error during the manufacturing process. For example, if a company chose to use a dangerous substance when designing a drug, it could be liable for any resulting bodily harm to a user.

Additionally, drug manufacturers may also liable for damages if they failed to provide proper instructions or warnings to their consumers. In general, to bring a successful dangerous drugs claim, plaintiffs must prove that:

  • They used the medications as intended or prescribed
  • The drug was unsafe and defective when it left the defendant’s possession
  • The unsafe medication caused his/her losses

Claims Based on Negligence

In general, claims based on strict liability cannot be brought against pharmaceutical companies that make prescription drugs. Instead, injured parties may bring claims based on negligence. However, these can be more difficult to prove as more evidence is typically required.

Injured parties can hold pharmaceutical companies accountable by bringing claims based on negligence. Plaintiffs must provide evidence that a company was reckless in allowing their drug to come into the market. Evidence in these cases may include falsified testing reports, a failure to perform quality control properly, or an unsanitary manufacturing site. Our experienced San Francisco dangerous medications lawyer can help an injured party collect the necessary evidence to bring a negligence claim and effectively present it in court.

Retain a San Francisco Dangerous Drugs Attorney

State law places a heavy burden on drug companies because they have the potential to cause significant damage if they manufacture their products improperly. As a result, if you consumed drugs made by a negligent pharmaceutical company, you may be entitled to pursue compensation.

Our San Francisco dangerous drugs lawyer can review your case and establish the best strategy to fight for your compensatory award. In addition to being your legal guide and advocate, a dedicated and caring attorney can be your support system during this confusing and daunting process. To learn how the legal team at Mary Alexander & Associates can help you; schedule an initial case consultation by calling today.

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