San Francisco Neck Injury Lawyer

Neck injuries may vary widely in severity. People who are in minor fender-bender accidents may suffer whiplash, which is a neck sprain caused by the head moving rapidly back and forth. People in severe accidents or who experience a bad fall may suffer cervical vertebrae fractures that can also damage the spinal disks and nerves.

Depending on the location and severity of cervical spine injuries, the injury victim may need compensation for medical bills and pain and suffering or a lifetime of specialized medical care. The attorneys at Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C., have experience with all types of neck injury claims. We can help you and your family after an injury strikes.

Consequences of Neck Injuries

The top seven vertebrae in the neck make up the cervical spine. The higher on the spine an injury occurs, the more spinal nerves may be damaged, therefore affecting more body systems. An injury to the upper cervical region may cause quadriplegia and complete loss of sensation below the injury location. In the worst cases, when the spinal cord is damaged at the C1 or C2 vertebrae levels, the injury may be fatal.

Vertebrae fractures or compression of the spinal disks or nerves most often is the result of a trauma that forces the cervical spine against the shoulders. Doctors may recommend cervical fusion surgery for these types of injuries as well as for conditions such as disk disease and pinched spinal nerves.

Whether an injury causes chronic pain or permanent paralysis, the injury victim will likely need compensation for medical expenses and loss of income. You can rely on our lawyers for compassionate, experienced representation as we pursue your claim.

Cervical Neck Injury Representation in California

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