Nursing Home Slip and Falls in San Francisco

Elderly people are often weak, with balance problems that exacerbate their frailty. When they live in nursing homes or other types of care facilities, our loved ones are vulnerable to falls and resulting fractures when the facility fails to provide adequate patient oversight and assistance devices.

Our compassionate lawyers assist elderly clients who suffered nursing home slip and falls in San Francisco. We work closely with patients and their families to determine exactly what happened and how the fall affected them. We consult frequently with medical experts and gerontologists to identify the negligence that caused the fall and determine how the care facility deviated from the accepted standard of care.

Our legal team seeks compensation that can help our clients. Equally important, we strive to hold the owners and operators of care facilities responsible for the negligence that resulted in our clients’ falls and injures. We believe that this is a small but important step toward improving the level of care our elderly loved ones receive in nursing homes and other residential care facilities.

Nursing Home Falls

Our clients have suffered falls in the bathroom because they were not trained in use of the grab bars. They have fallen out of bed because side rails were not properly installed or raised. They have tripped on torn carpet and slipped on wet floors. They have been allowed to walk unsupervised, or fallen out of wheelchairs because they were not properly secured. Overmedication has made them weak and unable to use walkers correctly. Because monitors and call buttons went unanswered, patients tried to get to bathrooms or raise their beds themselves, with disastrous results. They have suffered broken hips, leg fractures, head injuries and wrongful death as a result of this type of neglect.

Getting Help with a Nursing Home Slip and Fall Claim in San Francisco

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