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What to Do After a Wildfire in San Francisco


What to Do After a Wildfire in San Francisco

Fire Damage Attorney Explains What to Do After Devastating Losses

The state of California reports an average of 893 fires destroying 4,125 acres every five years. In fact, California has proposed $760 million in additional funds will be needed to recover from 2017’s Wine Country fires, including the Tubbs and Atlas fires. This data reveals a disturbing increase in wildfire risk for homeowners. Furthermore, insurance companies have responded, reducing their coverage and challenging claims. Without a fire damage attorney, you could face a lengthy settlement process. Additionally, the odds are high that an offer will be made that does not allow you the resources to fully recover.

At Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C., we know how to build a strong case that can bring a favorable settlement. Our success stems from our compassion and experience. We know how devastating a California wildfire can be. For this reason, we can help you figure out what to do after a wildfire in San Francisco. If you need your damages evaluated, repairs made or claims reviewed, then we can connect you with the right help. Ultimately, our goal is to help you manage any detail efficiently and expedite your recovery.

What Do I Do If I Lost My Home in A California Wildfire?

It can feel overwhelming to lose your home due to a devastating wildfire. Nonetheless, your friends, family, creditors and employers hope for your swift recovery. For this reason, effective legal counsel can help you reduce stress. The first thing to do after a wildfire is to make sure you, your family and any salvageable property is safe. Next, contact your insurance company and inform them of the details of your event. Finally, contact a San Francisco fire damage attorney.

A San Francisco fire accident lawyer can help you with fire damage claims. The compensation you may recover can greatly expedite your recovery and help you get your life back on track. To strengthen your claim, you should take note of:

  • Losses: Unfortunately, odds are you have substantial losses. In addition to losing your home to a California fire, you may have lost other property as well. List lost sentimental items, vehicles, furniture and other items. Furthermore, write the condition of the home and what repairs are needed.
  • Injuries: Burns and smoke inhalation can cause serious personal injury. In addition, combustible hot glass can cause poisoning. Some of these injuries may not manifest until some time afterward. For this reason, update and inform your fire damage attorney of these injuries.
  • Police Report: Fire claims are strengthened with a police report. Make a call to your local station and inform them of the fire.
  • Parties Involved: Hopefully no one else was injured as a result of your fire loss. However, if other parties were hurt, then write their information in your records. Additionally, write down the date and location of the blaze.

Why Do I Need a Fire Damage Attorney?

Ultimately, you need to rebuild more than your home after a wildfire in San Francisco. You also need to make difficult and time-sensitive decisions about your life. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not always great examples of fairness. Odds are that they will offer you a settlement against your best interests. After all, an adjuster’s job is to save the company they work for as much money as possible. Sometimes, the compensation offered by your insurance company is not enough to rebuild what assets you lost. Furthermore, the fact that multiple parties can be involved may slow down the claim process. And the waiting list for repairs can be painfully long.

California fire damage claims are complicated. Without an experienced professional, you can miss out on opportunities that can expedite your recovery. Our California fire damage attorney can help you get in touch with the appropriate help to reclaim your life. Using a team of professionals, we can work to evaluate if your replacement cost value is fair. In addition, we can investigate if there are unseen damages that could affect your claim. As a result, you can mitigate the risk of receiving an undervalued settlement.

Home Lost in a California Wildfire? Contact Us to Learn What to Do Next

Have you lost your home, personal possessions and other property in a devastating wildfire? Do you have questions about what to do next? Concerns that your insurance company is offering you an unfair settlement? Unfortunately, wildfires in California are becoming more common. As a result, the claims process can be more complicated and time-consuming. You do not need to feel overwhelmed over what to do next. An experienced fire damage attorney can help you strengthen claims and begin rebuilding your life.

Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C. has been helping wildfire victims reach favorable settlements for years. Our experience and success has allowed us the ability to develop effective litigation strategies. If you have questions about what to do after a wildfire in San Francisco, our firm can help. Contact our legal team online or call our office to schedule a free consultation. We can hear your story and let you know if we have defense options that can work for you.

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