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San Francisco Construction Accident Lawyer

A construction boom — like the one now seen in cities throughout California — means prosperity, prestige, and jobs. But it also means danger. Construction sites are some of the most perilous workplaces around, and accidents — often preventable — happen. When they do, lives are changed, and sometimes even lost. Individuals, and their families, suffer. If your or a loved one has suffered a worksite injury, contact a San Francisco construction accident lawyer for help. A tenacious and hardworking attorney could work tirelessly to pursue compensation on your behalf.

Seeking Compensation After a Worksite Injury

Obtaining a recovery for a construction site injury can be a perilous business itself. Cases, sites, and circumstances, need to be thoroughly investigated by professionals experienced in both the law and the technical aspects of construction. Liability issues are complex — duties and actions of contractors, subcontractors, construction managers, architects, engineers, developers, and city agencies all need to be analyzed. Laws and regulations — both federal and state — need to be properly understood and applied. Strict filing deadlines must be met — or cases will be lost before they even begin.

A worker would never enter a construction site without the proper safety equipment. Nor should they ever enter a construction accident litigation without the proper San Francisco construction accident attorney. That means partnering with construction injury lawyers in San Francisco with both a reputation and a track record for taking, and winning, the difficult cases — and obtaining the optimal recovery for their clients. Lawyers who know how to investigate an accident site, determine the duties and accountability of various parties, understand and leverage the appropriate statutes, and develop the most effective legal strategies.

Retain a San Francisco Construction Accident Lawyer to Pursue Compensation

At Mary Alexander & Associates, our San Francisco construction accident lawyers do not just have the experience and the background — both legal and technical — for handling construction cases. We’re known throughout California as a go-to firm for this often difficult work. Indeed, our founding partner, Mary Alexander, was interviewed by San Francisco’s KTVU Channel 2 News regarding the fatal crane collapse in Manhattan in March 2008. Making the news is something we take pride in, but making a difference has always been our proudest accomplishment. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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