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San Jose Massage Abuse Lawyer

Massages are supposed to be a safe and relaxing way to unwind, as well as an indulgent way to treat yourself. But what happens when your relaxing day at the spa turns into sexual assault or abuse? Unfortunately, this happens far too often, and the spas where it is happening are often quick to try and save their reputations by ignoring the complaints. This can result in further abuse, and can cause them to knowingly put future customers in danger. If you have been inappropriately touched, molested, sexually assaulted or abused by a massage therapist in San Jose Area, Mary Alexander & Associates is here to support you and help you get the accountability, settlement, and support to which you are entitled.

Were You Assaulted at Massage Envy?

San Jose Massage Abuse LawyerThe nation’s largest massage chain, Massage Envy, is being accused of covering up allegations of sexual assault and abuse after thousands of women step forward accusing their therapists of sexual assault and other crimes. Many of these victims allege that they brought their complaints to Massage Envy and informed them about the assaults, but that Massage Envy ignored their claims and kept massage therapists accused of sexual misconduct employed. In many cases this lead to repeated sexual assaults by the same massage therapists against multiple women, which would have been prevented if proper action had been taken. This opens Massage Envy up to liability and potentially even punitive damages due to their egregious conduct, which put countless other paying customers in danger and caused a great deal of trauma and harm.

If you have been sexually assaulted at Massage Envy, the experienced personal injury attorneys at Mary Alexander & Associates can help you hold Massage Envy accountable for their reprehensible conduct and get you the financial settlement that you are entitled to. While no one can remove the trauma caused by something like this, a personal injury or class action lawsuit can provide you with the financial resources that you need to get the help that you need and alleviate any financial stress that the assault has caused.

Damages for Massage Sexual Assault in California

It can be an incredibly damaging thing to have someone who you are paying to care for you, instead take advantage of you, violating your most sacred and obvious boundaries. In addition to physical pain and injuries following an assault, victims may also develop PTSD, anxiety, and depression, which may even keep them from being able to work or maintain their regular daily responsibilities. People who have experienced an assault of this nature may require extensive therapy as well as medical attention. Because the therapy and support that someone in this situation is likely to need will probably extend well into the future, beyond the time the settlement is reached, it is important to factor anticipated future costs of therapy and medical care into the calculation of damages. This will be added on to all other medical expenses, and costs incurred as a result of the assault, including lost wages.

The individual is also entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, which is intended to compensate them for the physical and emotional trauma caused by the malicious act. In these cases, depending on the circumstances, punitive damages may also be appropriate. This is because the massage therapists’ actions were intentional and malicious. Additionally, efforts by the bad actors’ employer to conceal the assaults and continue to put customers in danger of assault would almost certainly qualify for punitive damages. These damages differ from other forms of damages in that they are not attempting to reimburse the victim, but to punish a party for particularly reckless or malicious conduct. This also serves to deter others from engaging in such conduct. Because there are so many different factors involved, the best way to get an accurate idea of the amount of damages that you are entitled to is to consult directly with an experienced personal injury and massage abuse lawyer at Mary Alexander & Associates.

What to do After a Massage Sexual Assault in California

San Jose Massage Abuse AttorneyIf you were assaulted by a massage therapist, the first thing to do is get to a safe place and seek medical care. It is important to see a doctor and to get documentation of the assault. You should contact the police and file a criminal report against the massage specialist as well as to inform their employer. You can also wait to take these actions until after you have contacted a personal injury attorney who can help you navigate this process and pursue financial retribution by bringing a personal injury lawsuit against the massage therapist and their employer. Your attorney can also serve as your personal advocate, ensuring that your rights are protected through both the criminal and civil processes. You are able to pursue both criminal and civil charges against the guilty party. The bar for conviction in criminal court is much higher than it is in civil court, so if the massage therapist is found guilty of the criminal charges it will certainly bolster your civil case.

How Mary Alexander & Associates Can Help

The dedicated personal injury attorneys at Mary Alexander & Associates are experienced in handling sensitive matters, and will protect your rights and interests at every stage of the process. Your lawyer can support you in talking to police and can help you bring a civil lawsuit to hold the responsible party and their employer accountable for the harm that they have caused you. Your lawyer will help you determine the amount of financial damages that you are entitled to, and will fight to get you this amount either via settlement or in court.

Contact Mary Alexander & Associates Today

If you have experienced sexual assault at the hands of a San Jose massage therapist, you do not have to bear this burden alone. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Mary Alexander & Associates are ready to help. As your dedicated legal advocate they will protect your interests and fight to get you the compensation that you deserve. Reach out today for a CONFIDENTIAL consultation.

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