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If you were sexually abused in Hawaii, you may have the opportunity to sue. A sexual abuse attorney in Hawaii can help you hold negligent parties accountable for everything you have been forced to endure. Although no amount of money can ever turn back time, a successful lawsuit can provide closure and a sense of justice. You may also receive crucial compensation for psychological counseling, emotional distress, PTSD, and various other damages. To learn more about your legal options, it makes sense to book a consultation with a qualified, experienced sexual abuse attorney in Hawaii. During this initial discussion, you can discuss your next steps.

How Can a Sexual Abuse Attorney in Hawaii Help Me?

Sexual Abuse Attorney HawaiiA sexual abuse attorney in Hawaii can help you assess your legal options. Sexual abuse plaintiffs may have various potential sources of compensation to consider. There may also be specific laws, policies, and funds to consider based on the specific type of abuse you experienced. For example, there may be “lookback periods” designated for clergy abuse. On the other hand, the state or federal government may set aside funds to cover sexual abuse lawsuits related to correctional facilities. Depending on these factors, your lawyer can help you choose the most effective pathway toward compensation.

Your lawyer can also gather evidence on your behalf. These might include written communications, complaints, internal documents, policies, eyewitness testimony, police reports, social media posts, and much more. Your lawyers can help you gather additional evidence to prove the legitimacy of your damages. For example, they may organize medical tests to diagnose any mental disorders you might have developed as a result of your experiences.

In many cases, sexual abuse lawsuits in Hawaii are settled by defendants outside of court. These cases are emotionally charged for all parties involved. Most parties mutually agree to keep the dispute out of court, and they tend to settle things behind closed doors. For example, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Honolulu might be held accountable in civil court. Sexual abuse attorneys can negotiate on your behalf for the maximum possible settlement amount. Often, these legal professionals have excellent negotiation skills, and they can help you walk away with your fair share.

Although full trials are rare, your lawyer can represent you if your case reaches this stage. During a trial, they will present evidence, make oral arguments, and cross-examine witnesses on your behalf. You do not necessarily need to testify during a sexual abuse trial.

When Can I Sue For Sexual Abuse in Hawaii?

You can sue for sexual abuse in many potential situations. Generally speaking, plaintiffs can sue those who allowed, contributed to, or carried out their sexual abuse. They may even sue for acts that might otherwise seem consensual. For example, a child is legally unable to consent to a sexual act. If you were abused as a child, you can usually sue the perpetrator or the organization that enabled the abuse. Sexual acts with children are always illegal in Hawaii, and they are never consensual.

You might also sue if you could not consent due to other factors. For example, you might have been incapacitated or unconscious at the time of the abuse. Perhaps a medical professional or a therapist abused your trust and took advantage of you during what you thought was a normal procedure. “Quid pro quo” harassment occurs when someone in a position of power over you (usually a manager or employer) promises some kind of reward in exchange for sex. In this situation, your ability to consent is also compromised.

Examples of Sexual Abuse Lawsuits in Hawaii

Sexual abuse lawsuits can take many forms in Hawaii. Here are a few examples:

  • Clergy Abuse Lawsuit: Clergy abuse lawsuits are shockingly common in Hawaii and across the United States. Numerous children have come forward with serious accusations against clergy members in Hawaii. The Catholic Church has a track record of paying out millions of dollars in settlements to plaintiffs.
  • Teacher Abuse Lawsuit: If you were abused by a teacher, you may have the ability to sue the perpetrator and the school district. School districts and related organizations have a legal duty to properly vet new teachers before hiring them. If they allow sexual predators to take these jobs, plaintiffs can sue.
  • Massage Abuse Lawsuit: If you were abused at a massage clinic in Hawaii, you have every right to sue. Again, you can sue the organization for hiring unsafe massage therapists who subsequently abuse clients. Even if you consent to being touched, this does not give therapists the right to abuse you.
  • Summer Camp Abuse Lawsuit: Children who were abused at summer camps may also file sexual abuse lawsuits against numerous defendants. These defendants might include counselors, staff members, and the underlying organization itself.
  • Prison/Jail Sexual Abuse Lawsuit: No matter how serious your crime might have been, the United States Constitution protects you against sexual abuse and other forms of cruel and unusual punishment. If you were abused at a correctional facility, you can sue. This issue is especially prevalent in women’s community correctional centers in Hawaii.
  • Sports Sexual Abuse Lawsuit: You can hold coaches and other individuals accountable for any sexual abuse you might have experienced while playing youth or college-level sports.
  • Doctor Sexual Abuse Lawsuit: If your doctor abused you, you can file a sexual abuse lawsuit against them. Doctors face extremely serious penalties for tricking patients into accepting this type of abuse. Often, doctors hide their abuse by telling patients that they are carrying out legitimate medical procedures.

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You are not alone after experiencing sexual abuse in Hawaii. With help from a sexual abuse attorney in Hawaii, you take your next steps with confidence. These legal professionals can approach your case with a degree of respect and dignity. Many other plaintiffs are successfully suing negligent parties for sexual abuse in Hawaii – and you can too. Reach out to Mary Alexander & Associates today to learn more about your legal options. We will guide you toward the compensation you deserve.

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