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The area of product liability law involves seeking monetary damages when an injury occurs as the result of the normal, intended use of a product. If the product is deemed defective in any way, be it manufacture, design, marketing or any other way, and you become injured as a result, you may have a winnable product liability case.

If you believe you have become injured due to a product defect, call the South San Francisco product liability law firm of Mary Alexander & Associates today a free consultation. we will look at the entire picture tell you truthfully whether or not you have a case. If your injury occurred due to any kind of manufacturer negligence, we will fight to get you every penny in compensation that you deserve.

Responsible entities in product liability cases may include any and all of the following:

  • The manufacturer
  • Any company that manufactures the defective of the product
  • Retail merchants
  • Suppliers, wholesalers or distributors

Of course, proving liability can have its challenges, which is why you need a savvy South San Francisco product liability law firm that is experienced in fighting and winning product liability cases on your side. The sophisticated lawyers at Mary Alexander & Associates have decades of combined experience and will thoroughly assess your case and pursue a settlement or judgment in your best interest.

Design Defects

Product defects occur in the design, manufacture, and even marketing of a product. Defects in design predate product manufacture and account for a majority of product recalls. We will research the available recall history of the product and search for cases of injury due to the manufacture or design of the product. We will then build a solid case, based on all the available data.

Manufacturing Defects

Defects in the manufacture of a product are more random and are sometimes not caught until several reports of injury or other issues surface. If is is the product itself that is defective, the manufacturer could be found negligent. Very rarely is liability scalable at this level. It does not matter how hard a manufacturer tries to make a product safe. If that product is introduced to the market with defects, the manufacturer will almost always be held liable.

The law requires manufacturers to make every reasonable effort to prevent product defects. Anyone who distributes and sells anything is obligated to examine and verify product quality and exercise discretion regarding the sale of the product to the public. When any part of the chain breaks, liability emerges. It is for this reason that you should consider working with the expert South San Francisco product liability law firm of Mary Alexander & Associates. We can help you find the source or sources of liability and go after a reasonable settlement or judgment.

Marketing Defects

Marketing defects occur whenever a company fails to provide the consumer with proper instructions related to the intended use of their product or warn of the dangers associated with its use. This is not easy to prove. Only a seasoned South San Francisco product liability law firm such as Mary Alexander & Associates, can wade through all pertinent details to find the real cause of your injury. Once we do, we will pursue the judgment or settlement that you rightly deserve.

Product misrepresentation is also considered a marketing defect. If a product’s advertising is promoted via advertising or packaging that either fails to disclose or attempts to hide known dangers associated with its use, the marketer could be held liable for resulting injuries.

If you think you have become injured due to any kind of product defect, call the South San Francisco product liability law firm of Mary Alexander & Associates at 415-433-4440 and let us examine your case free of charge.

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