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Seamen and individuals in the merchant marine usually understand their right to maintenance and cure after an injury or illness sustained on the job. What they may not understand is that their employer’s insurance company is not looking out for injured sailors. Rather, the insurer and employer are seeking to protect the bottom line. This often means that maintenance and cure are stopped before the injured seaman has recovered fully. Consequently, some injured sailors do not receive the benefits they need and deserve.

At the San Francisco law firm of Mary Alexander & Associates, P.C., our attorneys help seamen obtain the full benefits to which they are entitled. We have found that our clients generally fare better after they obtain legal representation. Applications are processed more quickly, denials are less arbitrary and benefits are administered more fairly. Call 415.433.4440 or contact us online.

Issues Related to Maintenance and Cure

Maintenance and cure is a part of a seaman’s personal injury case as defined under the Jones Act. It is in addition to the amount we can obtain for a client through a personal injury lawsuit for negligence or unseaworthiness. This means that even if a sailor does not receive an award or settlement for the negligence of the employer, he or she can still receive maintenance and cure after a work-related injury.

  • Maintenance is awarded whether or not the employer was determined to be negligent. It covers reasonable living expenses while the sailor recovers on shore and ends when the individual returns to the ship or reaches maximum medical improvement. It is intended to cover rent, food, transportation, utilities and other daily expenses. We make sure that the actual expenses of our clients are documented in applications for maintenance.
  • Cure benefits cover medical expenses while recovering from a maritime injury or illness. Injured sailors can see any doctors they wish; however, the treatment received must be intended to cure or heal the injury or illness.

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Our lawyers have more than 30 years of experience handling all types of injury cases. We know how to gather and evaluate evidence and develop strong cases. In addition, we are known for our presentation skills and employ the latest technology to develop compelling exhibits that tell a client’s story. We make sure that our clients’ cases are taken seriously and handled promptly. Sailors who cannot go to sea desperately need maintenance and cure benefits. We help them obtain them as quickly as possible.

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