Distracted DrivingOakland, California is a beautiful city. It covers 47.9 square miles and, as of 2016, had a population of 805,235 people. Unfortunately, as with similar cities, the traffic is heavy, which results in a large number of car wrecks. Fatal car wrecks and road traffic accident statistics for 2014, in Oakland, were 217.

As Oakland car wreck lawyers, we, at Mary Alexander and Associates work on injury cases that include auto, truck, motorcycle and other vehicle and non-injury accidents. We have lawyers who specialize in this area of litigation and understand the importance of working as quickly as possible with clients who have been injured.

Types of vehicle accidents vary from head-on, speeding through a red light or stop light, DUI, teenage driver, roll-over, high speed and many others. If you are injured in an accident, caused by another person, or have lost a loved one, it is important that you contact the Oakland car wreck lawyers at Mary Alexander & Associates, as soon as possible after the accident.

A severe traffic accident injury immediately results in heavy expenses. These include lost income, automobile damage, ambulance, hospital and often nursing home charges. Unfortunately, if immediate action is not taken there will be no funds to pay bills such as water, electricity, rent or house payment, and other things. This can cause your credit score to take a serious nose dive.

As a rule, any insurance company involved will contact you and try to get an immediate settlement for a very low amount. This makes it essential to put a claim in the hands of an accident lawyer, such as Mary Alexander & Associates, as soon as possible. It is imperative that no papers be signed that might jeopardize the case.

Upon a visit to Mary Alexander & Associates, you will consult with a personal attorney. He or she will ask some questions to better understand the situation.

These will include:

• Your version of the accident
• Location and time the accident occurred
• Number of people injured
• Expenses incurred and expected

If there may be a valid claim, work will begin immediately to assure that every step is taken to recover a fair settlement and prepare for trial, if that become necessary.

This will include:

• Having our investigator check out witnesses and circumstances of the case
• Obtaining a copy of the police report
• Our attorney will handle insurance adjusters and other parties involved
• All medical parties involved will be contacted
• Lost income and costs of missed work will be estimated
• Preparing a claim estimate
• Filing all necessary papers
• Furnish representation in court if necessary
• Quickly answer your phone calls

Many people delay consulting an attorney because of fear of the cost. Your attorney will explain that we will carry all expenses until the case is settled. At that time, our attorney fees will be deducted from the settlement. If there is no settlement, there will be no charge.

Contact Our Oakland Car Wreck Lawyers

As Oakland car wreck lawyers, we, at Mary Alexander & Associates, have a personal interest in representing our clients in a professional manner and are proud of our record of successful cases. For a person who has been in a vehicle accident, it is imperative to review the circumstances with a firm that has lawyers who are knowledgeable and experienced in the field. Contact the Oakland car wreck lawyers of Mary Alexander & Associates at (415) 889-8136 to schedule a no cost consultation to discuss your potential claim.

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