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Los Angeles Negligent Security Attorney – Free Consultations

Los Angeles Negligent Security Attorney – Free ConsultationsWhen property owners invite others onto their premises, they immediately become responsible for their safety. They are expected to maintain safety in a number of ways. These include adherence to building codes, keeping floors free from walking hazards, and cleaning up spills in a timely manner. But property owners are also responsible for one more very important thing — security. In Los Angeles, there are plenty of crime-ridden neighborhoods. Even in affluent areas, security breaches can leave people seriously injured. In order to stop members of the public from being hurt by criminals on their premises, property owners are expected to have adequate security.

If you have been injured due to negligent security, you may be dealing with a range of concerns. First of all, you may be suffering from economic losses as a result of this incident. Perhaps your wallet was stolen, or a valuable piece of jewelry. Perhaps more importantly, you might also be dealing with physical injuries as a result of this criminal encounter. Maybe you were beaten, shot, or stabbed before you were robbed. You may have significant medical bills as a result of this, and you may be left unable to work. On top of all of this, you might also be dealing with serious psychological trauma. All of these are legitimate damages.

In order to receive a settlement that allows you to cover these damages, it’s important to get in touch with a qualified negligent security attorney in Los Angeles. Our attorneys have experience with negligent security cases, and we can answer any questions you might have about the legal process. No one should feel unsafe while in a public space in Los Angeles, and we can help you hold negligent property owners accountable for hiring inadequate security.

When are Businesses in Los Angeles Expected to Hire Security?

There is no set rule that states that a business must hire security in California. However, various property owners might be expected to create some kind of security plan based on the unique factors that surround their business. Once again, there is no set guideline based on when these factors might necessitate security measures. It is up to the business owner to decide when certain measures might be necessary.

With all that said, courts in California ultimately have the final say as to whether certain security measures were appropriate. In order to come to a decision when presiding over negligent security lawsuits, judges try to determine whether the actions (or inactions) undertaken by a business owner were “reasonable.” If the business owner in question was replaced by a hypothetical “reasonable” individual, would this reasonable individual have made a better decision in regards to security?

The Place or Character of a Business – When determining whether or not a business owner is liable for negligent security, courts may consider the “place or character” of a business. In other words, the court will recognize that certain types of businesses are inherently more prone to criminal acts. You can probably guess which types of businesses we are talking about here. Examples include nightclubs, strip clubs, casinos, bars, concert venues, and of course, fast food restaurants (no, that last one is not a joke – these establishments are well-known magnets for criminal activities).

The logic is quite simple. If business owners are running these kinds of establishments, they should be aware that their businesses will attract those who are likely to engage in criminal acts. Courts are especially likely to come to the conclusion that wherever there is a constant flow of cash and liquor, there is a strong chance that assaults and robberies may occur.

These business owners are expected to be aware of the inherent security risks associated with their establishments. They are expected to hire adequate security and make sure that their patrons are protected at all times. 

Foreseeability – Virtually all forms of negligence are associated with the concept of foreseeability. If you can foresee a dangerous situation, you can take steps to avoid it. If certain situations are unforeseeable, a reasonable person cannot be expected to prevent them from happening. This logic can be applied to negligent security. If a business owner cannot predict certain criminal acts, then they cannot be held liable for these unforeseeable incidents. However, a “reasonable” business owner would take steps to strengthen their security measures as soon as they become aware of certain risks.

A business owner may become aware of risks in a number of different ways. We have already mentioned the “place or character” of a business. If someone is running a certain type of business, the expectation is that they have the ability to foresee certain risks developing in the future. However, a business owner may also be expected to foresee risks regardless of the place or character of their business.

If a criminal act has occurred on the premises before, a reasonable person would come to the conclusion that there is a significant chance of another, similar criminal act occurring again in the future. For example, even if a business owner is running a relatively innocuous business, such as a soap store, they may be expected to hire security guards if assaults continue to break out on the premises. 

Los Angeles Negligent Security Attorney – Free ConsultationsRough Neighborhoods in Los Angeles – Negligent Security Cases Can Spike

Finally, property owners may also be expected to hire security if they are running businesses in neighborhoods that are known for high levels of crime. Once again, the place or character of this business may be totally irrelevant. A property owner is expected to do their homework, assess the crime levels of the area, and hire adequate security when opening a new business in one of L.A.’s many neighborhoods. The concept of foreseeability is also important here. A reasonable person is expected to be aware of the risks when opening a business in a high-crime area. 

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Los Angeles Negligent Security Attorney Today

If you have been searching the Los Angeles area for a qualified, experienced attorney who can help you with your negligent security lawsuit, contact Mary Alexander & Associates. We are committed to helping injury victims in Los Angeles, California, and we will make sure that negligent property owners are held accountable for their reckless behavior. Los Angeles may have a few rough neighborhoods, and this does not give businesses the right to simply accept lackadaisical security measures. In fact, it makes proper security even more important. Book your consultation today, and we can start working on an effective action plan together.

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