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2012 was record year for San Francisco pedestrian accidents

When a pedestrian is struck by motor vehicle, it isn’t even a contest. The car will win. A pedestrian has no protection against the force of a powerful car, which is why many of these accidents prove fatal for the person on foot. San Francisco is working on becoming the nation’s leading “walkable” city, for … Read More

Did a Hospital Tried to Harvest Organs of a Patient Who Was Still Alive?

Healthcare can be complicated. For this reason, some medical mistakes are excusable. Most of us with no medical training are nonetheless able to understand that things can go wrong and mistakes can be made even when doctors and nurses are working as diligently as possible. Conversely, there are medical malpractice cases displaying so much negligence … Read More

Facebook’s executive chef killed in California motorcycle crash

Due to its beautiful weather, California has more than its share of year-round motorcyclists. But even though it is common to see motorcyclists out at any time of year, that doesn’t mean that California roads and highways are motorcycle-friendly. These smaller, two-wheeled vehicles offer less protection to their riders and are less visible to other … Read More

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