Monthly Archives: November 2013

Birth injury settlement will help pay for long-term future care

In April 2012, a woman 39 weeks into her pregnancy began to experience severe abdominal pains. She was immediately rushed to County-USC. There, the woman spent 14 hours waiting in the labor and delivery unit. Not once did an obstetrician come by to give her an examination. She was eventually discharged. The woman remained out … Read More

Recruiting pool for NFL, college could dwindle with TBI concerns

Playing in the National Football League may be considered a job that is envied by California residents and other teens and adults across the country. Have you ever watched a San Francisco 49ers game and thought “I’d give anything to have those talents or that employment contract”? It takes a talented, extremely athletic and even … Read More

Can video games reduce pain for burn injury victims?

Where a serious burn injury has occurred, negligence is often found. Cases range from ones involving a defective electric blanket to fires that have broken out after a car accident or at a commercial building. In other cases, it isn’t flames that can burn the skin but instead it is chemicals. However they occur, burn … Read More

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