Monthly Archives: February 2014

Cesarean sections: there is a balance between benefits and risk

The chances that our readers have been pregnant themselves or at least know a woman that has been are pretty high. During a pregnancy, due dates can be a funny thing. At first, they are extremely exciting. A day approximately nine months into the future gets circled on a calendar, and the weeks are checked … Read More

CHP focuses on distracted driving, hopes drivers do too

Inattention on the road is never a good thing. Looking down for a couple seconds, even at low speeds, can cause a car accident. When the collision involves two vehicles, a simple distracted driving fender bender might only result in an awkward conversation between drivers and a minor insurance claim. When the collision involves a … Read More

Number of spinal cord injuries suffered in falls raises concern

As we age, it becomes harder to fight illness and injury. Our bones become more brittle, making a broken leg or a broken hip not only much more likely but also more difficult to repair. This isn’t exactly groundbreaking news for San Francisco residents, but it does make the results of a recent study even … Read More

San Fran: elderly immigrants at higher risk for pedestrian injury

Pedestrian accidents continue to plague the streets in San Francisco. Motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians often result in very serious injuries and fatalities. Pedestrian accidents can be horrific, and San Francisco is trying to raise awareness to the risks of pedestrian-motor vehicle accidents in order to keep everyone safe. All pedestrians are at risk for … Read More

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