Monthly Archives: May 2014

In-N-Out Burger held liable for burns suffered from hot coffee

If you watched the news in the 1990s then chances are you probably heard about the famous products liability case Liebeck v. McDonald’s. As you may remember, the case involved a 79-year-old woman who suffered third-degree burns after spilling a cup of the fast food chain’s coffee in her lap. She sued and was awarded … Read More

Are airline restraint policies putting your child in danger?

Thousands of motor vehicle accidents happen nearly every month across the nation. In fact, they are considered by many transportation authorities to be the leading cause of serious injury and death in the United States. But according to the National Transportation Safety Board, a lot of serious and fatal injuries can be prevented if more … Read More

Study sheds new light on brain injuries in babies

Finding out that your newborn has a brain injury is perhaps one of the most traumatic pieces of information that any parent can hear. In many cases, this can lead parents to blame doctors and hospitals for potential mistakes made during delivery. But while a large portion of medical malpractice lawsuits have successfully proven hospital … Read More

Two major things lawmakers should consider with autonomous cars

Although media attention on the subject has died down, residents across the state of California and the nation may still have some concerns about autonomous cars. This is especially true when it comes to liability. And while some experts claims that most state products liability laws will cover many of the issues that could come … Read More

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