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ADHD may be associated with traumatic brain injuries

California residents may find it interesting that a Canadian study on adults reportedly found a link between attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and traumatic brain injuries. Ultimately, the study suggested that those who suffered traumatic brain injuries in the past may benefit from screenings for ADHD. The data was conducted via a phone study of adults who … Read More

Electronic fetal monitoring can increase childbirth risks

Electronic fetal monitoring is the single most common obstetric procedure in California and across the United States, with statistics showing it is used on more than eight out of 10 pregnant women. However, years of studies show that it is unnecessary and potentially dangerous. EFM, which includes internal and external monitoring of a baby’s heart … Read More

Recovering from brain injuries may take longer due to drugs

California patients who suffered a brain injury may be interested to learn that prescribed drugs used to treat common conditions may delay their recovery. Anticholinergics, which are often given to patients recovering from brain injuries for pain and urinary incontinence, can actually impact the patient’s recovery times. Researchers from the University of East Anglia in … Read More

Test could be better than CT scan at predicting brain injury

Millions of traumatic brain injuries take place every year in California and around the country, but people may soon benefit from a new blood test that could help emergency room doctors detect a TBI and its severity. According to the findings published in the July 10 issue of the Journal of Neurotrauma, the test could … Read More

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