Monthly Archives: January 2016

High C-section rate could be financially motivated

The number of cesarean deliveries that are performed at hospitals in California and around the country may be excessive, according to some researchers. In the United States, nearly 33 percent of births are C-sections. The U.S. C-section rate is much higher than the ideal C-section rate of 10 to 15 percent that was established by … Read More

The affects of burn injuries and how to deal with them

California residents may be surprised to learn that on an annual basis more than 30,000 individuals who suffer a burn injury in Delaware, southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey alone require treatment at a hospital emergency room. The most common result of burn injuries is discomfort and pain, depending on how badly the victim was burned. … Read More

Home births determined safe for low-risk pregnancies

California residents should be aware of a Canadian study, which found that women with low-risk pregnancies who use the services of a midwife to deliver a baby at home have no significantly greater risk of serious injury or neonatal death than women who give birth in a hospital. The study found that planned home births … Read More

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